Blood Is Not Always Thicker Than Water

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The Betrayal of a Lifetime

Blood Is Not Always Thicker Than Water

A bond between two sisters is supposed to be unbreakable. Unfortunately, in my life, that proved to be untrue. My sister and I have always been extremely close. We fought, as normal sisters do, but we would have done anything for each other, or so I thought. My sister is three years younger than I am. The small age difference made me believe that because I was older, I had to do everything in my power to protect her. And I did. I protected her with everything that I had, until she betrayed our entire family.

My sister's bedroom was right next door to mine on the second floor of our farm house. When she came home from school, around 3:30 PM, she would make a b-line for my bedroom, with whatever gossip filled story she had that day. I was taking college classes online at the time and she was in high school. My fiancé was my newfound boyfriend at the time. We had just started dating, and I had not yet introduced him to the family. My sister came home, bursted into my room and started in with her story. She was rambling on and on about how she met this boy at school, and they "made out" in the hallway. She told me the boy's name and I burst out in laughter. The boy that she met, just happened to be my boyfriend's childhood best friend. I didn't know much about my boyfriend's best friend, but my sister seemed all giddy and happy when she talked about him, so I thought it was a cool idea, what if we both married these two best friends? Best friends marrying sisters.

A couple months went by and my boyfriend and I grew more serious. I finally invited him over to meet my family. My boyfriend and my father hit it off immediately. As we started having more get togethers, my boyfriend began telling us more and more about his best friend. The more details he gave, the more I distrusted, and did not want the relationship between my sister and him to develop. Listening to all of the facts about that boy did not change my sister's perspective, however. She was already too head over heels.

Her attitude began to change at home. I noticed it first. She began changing her patterns. When she got home from school, she no longer darted into my room to tell me about her day. She began drifting away from the family. Her chores were no longer getting done. She began falling way behind in school. My sister was constantly giving my parents attitude. She began swearing like a sailor at home. My parents don't mind swear words here and there, but she would go above and beyond. She was a changed person.

Her attitude and strangeness was chalked up to her being 17 at the time. It wasn't until she started lying and sneaking around that my parents and I knew, the boy she was seeing was a major influence. I would not blame her actions or what she did to our family, on my fiancé's best friend, but his presence played a part.

My sister started doing drugs with this boy. In my family, any kind of drug, big or small, is not welcomed on any level. She was telling my parents that she was at a friend's house, only to go to smoke weed with this boy and do God only knows what else.

One night, my dad got a call from the police department, stating that my sister and her boyfriend had been taken to the station. The police officer said that he pulled the two of them over in a small town a few towns over from where we lived. The officer stated that he clocked their vehicle going 80 MPH in a 25 MPH zone. They were both searched on the scene and, fortunately, there were no drugs or alcohol in the vehicle. Both my sister and her boyfriend were able to call to arrange for someone to pick them up. My sister had let her boyfriend drive, and he thought driving that fast was a good idea, apparently.

Things only got worse from there. My parents, naturally, took her car away for the time being until they could begin to trust her again. She took that punishment very hard and began sneaking her boyfriend into the house when no one else was home. We learned that her boyfriend was a drug dealer that never finished school. We have another sister who was six months old at this time. The fact that she put our little sisters life at risk by allowing this boy into our household when no one was home is baffling to me.

At this point, my parents had had enough and they told her that she was not to see this boyfriend of hers anymore. My sister agreed and had begun to get on the straight and narrow, or so we thought.

My sister had gone to our uncles house for the weekend. Our uncle lived about an hour away from our house so our parents had allowed her to take her car to get there and back. My now fiancé was over that Saturday that she was gone. He had asked my dad if they were allowing my sister and his best friend to see each other again. My dad immediately answered, "Hell no. Why?" My boyfriend showed us a text message between him and his best friend's sister, saying that his best friend was with my sister for the weekend.

My dad flew off the handle. My mom immediately called my sister and said that she was to come home immediately, pack her things, and move out.

My family was so incredibly hurt that she had put us through all of this, only to lie and go behind their backs once more. My parents had given her everything that she ever wanted and needed. It hurt me so much to watch my mother cry as my sister was taking her things out of the house. It hurt my parents so much to see her go, but they couldn't put my little sister at risk any longer.

My sister has reached out to me since then, once. One time she asked if there was any chance that her and I could gain our relationship back, and I told her no. I could handle if she had done something to hurt me, but I had to stand there and watch her destroy my parents. I never want to see that look on my mother's face ever again. That is when I learned that blood is not always thicker than water.

Charlee Love
Charlee Love
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