Blood and Water

by Kerri Rae 11 months ago in extended family

What bonds us?

Blood and Water

Here's another 'things that keep me up at night' moment.

We say, a lot, that blood is thicker than water and that blood comes first. I think we give a wrong ideal on that premise and make people feel obligated to their blood. But here's my way to try and explain it, because honestly, besides a genetic code, there are some families that share nothing more than DNA.

Scientifically, blood is thicker than water. But...if your blood runs out, it can never replenish itself. It will try, but you can bleed to death unless there is a compatible person that can donate to you. Often, in these times, it's not someone that shares your genetic code. It's someone that is water. And that someone just saved your life. Someone you've never met that was more than happy to share what they had in order for you to survive. In an instant, you bond and you have an unconditional, fierce bond with a stranger that was connected only by an unselfish deed. They become a part of your DNA by choice, and by a feeling. Your DNA responds to unconditional love that was brought to you by a water connection, and asked for no recognition for their deed. They would never say to you, "Remember that time I gave you blood?" Because they don't really care for the attention or appreciation. It was selfless and flowing and life giving. Blood connects you by DNA. A genetic code. Water makes you family in the unselfish, fiercely loyal connections they make. Not out of guilt, not out of feeling like it's something they're supposed to do, but pure, unconditional love.

I will choose water every single day because I don't worry about the motives behind water willing to help, or love, or give. But the great part? A LOT of that blood is water, so in a lot of situations, we get the best of both worlds, the genetic connection, and the emotional connection.

In short, because this was a little long winded...appreciate all the peeps out there that give without expectation. Blood or water. And...don't feel bad about letting go of the connections that don't help you to be a better you every single day.

Love is a feeling, not a genetic connection. Just sayin...


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