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Bimby went to Gloomsby.

by rochelle livingstone about a year ago in children
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A bedtime story.

A happy Bimby

Bimbys are rarer than their distant cousins the Tuffles. They are covered in silky short fur with a peachey coloured mane and they are soft and cuddly and very very friendly. They walk on their back legs from time to time especially when on new adventures. Bimbys have air-filled hooves that go ‘pat pat pat’ on the ground and they must be careful not to roll their delicate ankles on uneven surfaces. They get a bit nervous when they are climbing on rocks and on long grass and go on the uppermost tips of their hooves like we do when we are on our tippy-toes but on the whole they are very brave and love trying new things.

Anyway, Bimbys have special powers. They fly and prance from one planet to another being loving, kind and sharing their hearts with everyone they encounter. Mostly they are happy and joyful as a result of this wonderful life they lead, but sometimes they get sad from sad things they see happening on planet Earth in particular. One of these times resulted in one of the Bimby’s ending up in Gloomsby. This happens when a Bimby temporarily thinks they have turned into a Boo and they find themselves on a grey bus to Gloomsby. It is possible to return from Gloomsby if you remember you are a Bimby and realise you are only temporarily feeling like a Boo but you are not actually a Boo. Gloomsby is very dull, nothing actually happens other than people arriving there and sitting in a kind of waiting room. The kind of waiting room you find at train stations in the countryside where the heater is broken and the chairs are a bit uncomfortable and you wish the train would come sooner but it keeps getting delayed.

Anyway, The Gloomsby express had dropped Bimby who thought they were a Boo off and they were now sat in the kind of waiting room feeling glum and heavy inside, tired from swishing lots of feelings around like a washing machine when it swishes the water from side to side and upside down. It kind of felt like that too for Bimby who thought they were a Boo. Hours passed but it could have been minutes, who knows when you think you are a Boo you lose track of all things outside. Hours or minutes later, another bus pulled up and out popped another Bimby who also thought they were a Boo.

‘What is happening?’ thought the first Bimby who thought they were a Boo, distracted for the first time since arriving in Gloombsy by something outside of their swishing washing machine feelings inside their tummy. Bimby who also thought they were a Boo too came into the kind of like a waiting room and plonked themselves down next to Bimby who thought they were a Boo. Bimby who thought they were a Boo noticed also a Boo’s hooves were kind of deflated and not very air filled. They thudded on the ground as heavy as they felt inside.

‘Are you a Bimby or a Boo?’ Asked Bimby who thought they were a Boo to Bimby who also thought they were a Boo.

I’m a Boo. I used to be a Bimby but now I’m a Boo. I felt all these feelings of being sad and now I am definitely a Boo.’

This didn’t seem to make sense to Bimby who thought they were a Boo when they heard it coming from the mouth of someone who was so obviously a Bimby, even if their air-filled hooves were slightly deflated and they were sitting in a waiting room in Gloombsy.

Those things were only temporary.

Hmm well I guess I believe you although I do see with my eyes that you are a Bimby and you are like me and now we are both sitting here being Boo’s, something doesn’t add I up’.

‘Yes you are right, I am looking at you and I can see that you are most definitely a beautiful Bimby although you are in Gloomsby. Come to think of it, I was a Bee once, buzzing around being busy and visiting lots of flowers. I’ve even been a Bear, growling and roaring and playing with the trees. So maybe it’s possible that I’m being a Boo just not, yet I’m still a Bimby after all and I can be a Boo for a spell and then return to being a Bimby once more?’

Bimby who thought they were a Boo had listened very carefully and shared with Bimby who also thought they were a Boo ‘I can remember being a flower in the desert and then a Butterfly who flew from garden to garden admiring flowers and bees. It was only temporary but it was something I’ll never forget.’

With this it slowly dawned on both of the Bimby’s who thought they were Boo’s that they were temporarily feeling like Boo’s which is totally normal and that they had experienced being many things for many reasons, some that cannot be explained and shall remain a mystery, but underneath it all they were Bimby’s who fly and prance from planet to planet experiencing love and joy.

With that being said they boarded the express bus back to Bimbyland and became the best of friends who understood themselves and each other especially well.


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