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Beyond Imaginary Lines

by Noe Boilard IV about a month ago in literature

Chapter 2 - It Starts

We arrived at the mart within town and upon first look everything seemed ugly. Once we walked in the store though, the clothes and shoes got nicer and nicer. Not my taste though. "Sarah, go ahead and browse around I'm going to check out the dresses." A sudden shiver of disgust coursed through me. Thinking about her and my dad and-... GROSS! I had a flashback to when I saw that girls outfit but, haven't been able to find it. I looked and looked but, there was no sight of anything like that in the store. Knowing my luck she probably ordered it off of online but my father doesn't want me to do that thing incase the sizes are too small and I waste the money. Just then I saw it. There was what looked like a secret room within the store like it was out of a video game or something. I went to look inside just when a stupid cat jumped out and scared me of course. I went in for a second look. Nothing but the outfits that girl was wearing was within there. I just had to grab a few. "Sarah, did you find anything yet?" Happily I shouted yes this time. "Well let me see them, try them on!" So I ran into the fitting room to try the first one on and when I came out Victoria didn't seem too pleased. Let down I went back into the fitting room to put the other one on. When I looked into the mirror I forgot how upset Victoria looked and just smiled again. Excited once again I opened the door to Victoria taking in a breath to sigh. "Sarah you can't just waltz into school looking like some- whatever that is, pick something else." I got angry. "But Victoria I -" "Don't Victoria me I swear your just like your mother, always gotta dress like your ready for the neighborhood bang. I was so furious I decided to just put everything back and ask to leave. Victoria agreed and we headed home with her snotty remark of telling me my father can bring me instead because she can't do this again. So after the most awkward ride home I went straight to my room to shut and lock the door. I could feel heat radiating off of my face from how angry I was. I just started unpacking and the next thing I knew I was asleep. "Sarah..." A voice was whispering to me but I couldn't see much. "Sarahh...." There was a dim purple light in the distance and it looked like someone was standing there. "sarAHH!!" I was jump scared awake. "What a weird dream." I thought. "Sarah I'm home!" I heard my father shout from downstairs. He's finally home. I rushed downstairs to welcome him home and get ready for dinner. As we sat at the dinner table my father asked how our day was. All I could think of was how rich this conversation was going to be. "OH!, We went to the mart and did some shopping and I brought Sarah to get some clothes." "She couldn't find anything worth getting." I swear she's just like her mother, can't make up her mind." "YOU LYING BITCH!" I shouted. "Sarah, language." My father said. "WHY DON'T YOU TELL DAD ABOUT HOW I'M JUST LIKE MY MOTHER BEING THE WHORE OR THE TOWN!" Victoria responded. "Sarah I'm not sure I know what you mean." Just then my blood boiled. "Why don't you get into a crash and die like mom did, maybe she'll meet you on your way to hell and whoop your ass on the way down!" My father slapped my face and shouted to get up to my room. I was officially grounded for the first time since mom passed away. I ran to my room and just laid there looking at the ceiling. I cant stand that she has the ability to just lie like that and everyone believes her. I swear she's evil. This move to me has been the worst ever. I can't believe I feel this way but, I really can't wait to start school where I'm away from her.

Noe Boilard IV
Noe Boilard IV
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Noe Boilard IV
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