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Better couples don't rely on love, not money, but...

by david 2 months ago in values
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better couple

After reading a sentence, I am quite touched: "The ideal state of husband and wife is not to fall in love, but to walk in love all the time."

In the vast sea of ​​people, it is not easy for two people to meet and become husband and wife.

But in real life, falling in love is easy, but getting along is difficult.

Some love, love and love, then fade;

Between husband and wife, need love to lay the foundation, need money to support.

But in the end, you will find that the better couples don't rely on love or money, but on these three points.

What determines the temperature of marriage is the attitude of speaking

Zhang Xiaoxian once said: "Happiness in marriage depends on your partner's attitude towards you."

The warmth of marriage is half in the conversation.

Talking well is the secret to warming up the relationship between husband and wife.

In the Korean variety show "Between Marriage and Divorce", there is a couple, Zhu Yuan and You Bin, Zhu Yuan was a taekwondo player, and You Bin was a full-time wife.

Zhu Yuan grew up in a team atmosphere that obeyed orders, and was influenced by the culture of seniority, which led him to treat his wife like a boss treats his subordinates.

For example, in the show, the couple built an awning on the balcony together. Because they didn't know how to operate it, they didn't set it up for a long time, and Zhu Yuan became impatient.

He scolded his wife loudly: "Are you free, why would you buy such a useless thing? It's so difficult to do, and it's a waste of time!"

Hearing her husband's accusation, Youbin retorted angrily: "What's wrong with the things I bought? It's your way of building it wrong."

In daily life, every time the two have conflicts, Zhu Yuan always likes to blame his wife, but rarely reflects on his attitude.

Whenever Youbin wanted to discuss calmly with her husband, she would be stung by her husband's verbal violence.

Zhu Yuan's attitude made the relationship between the husband and wife more and more tense.

Many times, when couples quarrel, the quarrel is not about matters, not reason, but attitude.

As the old saying goes: "It is not necessary for the husband and wife to carry thousands of grains, as long as the husband and wife can negotiate."

When encountering a problem, look for the cause in a gentle way, and don’t just complain and accuse; when a conflict occurs, be calm and consider the matter, and don’t yell and quarrel with each other.

The attitude of a husband and wife to speak determines the temperature of a marriage.

Mutual respect and harmony can make marriage life like spring every day and last forever.

What determines the sweetness of marriage is the degree of thoughtfulness

In the TV series "Dear Child", Fang Yinuo experienced two marriages that made her feel different from each other.

In her marriage with Xiao Lu, she was short-tempered, often hysterical, full of negative energy, and became a vixen in Xiao Lu's eyes.

Once, Xiao Lu bought the wrong fish, Fang Yinuo came up and accused him: "Is this a crucian carp? If you don't understand, you have to rush to get it!"

Xiao Lu, who was waiting on the side of the road, hurriedly opened the car door for her after taking the child to see the doctor. As a result, she got angry again and asked loudly, "Can I sit in front with the child in my arms?"

The emotions that erupted at every turn were indeed suffocating, and it was Xiao Lu who made her look like this.

Fang Yinuo was depressed and anxious after giving birth, but Xiao Lu said she was sensitive and suspicious;

In the middle of the night, she had a sore throat and wanted to drink water, so Xiao Lu asked Xiao Lu to pour a glass of water, but after pushing for a long time, he just fell asleep;

Daughter He He had a fever of 39 degrees. She was so anxious that she called Xiao Lu countless times, but no one answered.

Their marriage came to an end amidst repeated disappointments and quarrels.

After Fang Yinuo married Xie Tianhua, everything changed.

She became visibly happy, no longer aggressive, and her temper became milder.

Because Xie Tianhua understands her, loves her, and takes care of her wholeheartedly.

As a stepfather, he always regarded He He as his own, even closer than his father.

He He suffers from leukemia, and he accompanies Yinuo without complaint and comforts her. In order to raise medical expenses, he even sold his new house.

Thanks to Xie Tianhua's thoughtfulness, Fang Yinuo took off his hard armor and turned into a soft woman.

As she confessed to Xie Tianhua:

"I used to be strong, and I was unreasonable. But since I have you, I have become softer. With you, I am no longer afraid."

The greatest luck in one's life is to meet a partner who knows how to be considerate of oneself.

When you are lonely and helpless, he will accompany you and shield you from the wind and rain; when you are sad, he will rely on you and help you solve your problems.

Walking with people like this, you can maintain a full of vitality in the trivialities of firewood, rice, oil and salt, and make the day more sweet.

Being considerate to each other is more able to maintain feelings than prosperity and wealth.

In a marriage relationship, the sweetness of a husband and wife is determined by the degree of love for each other.

On the road of life, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, no matter how beautiful the oath is, it is not as warm as the thoughtfulness of a lover.

What determines the length of the relationship is the thickness of the character

Someone on the Internet once asked: "In marriage, what kind of person can stay together until old age?"

A Gao Zan replied: "In the darkest moments of life, I will accompany you to share the burden, overcome difficulties together, and become someone who can be a safe haven."

A person's character is the most important foundation in a marriage.

The roots are thin, and the relationship is shaky; the roots are deep, and the marriage is rock solid.

Read the story of an old couple on the Internet.

The husband found that his wife kept falling while walking. After going to the hospital for examination, the doctor told him that his wife had an incurable disease and could live for at most 5 years.

The husband cried several times behind his back and couldn't sleep for several nights.

He made a decision, he was going to sell the house, quit his job, and concentrate on taking care of his wife.

Since then, under his meticulous care, although his wife has been bedridden for a long time, she is fresh and clean, and even the doctor can't help but praise him for his good care.

The husband shook his head again and again, indicating that he had not done enough.

He said: "Before, my wife always wanted to go out to play, but I only cared about making money, and I didn't go out with her to have a good time."

In order not to leave his wife with regrets, he took her on a trip that said he would leave, and bought a ring in advance, preparing to surprise his wife.

He climbed to the top of the Great Wall with his wife on his back, took out the ring and put it on his wife.

The wife was moved to tears. She said, "The luckiest thing in my life is to meet you. I am content with you in my life."

The more difficult the place, the more it can highlight the value of character.

A relationship may start with looks or talent, but in the end, it must be character that can make each other support each other to the end.

It is a person's most valuable trump card and the most solid safe haven in a marriage.

Marriage is like a dance. It takes two people to cooperate in order to finish the dance.

Encountering and knowing each other depend on the will of God, and loving and keeping each other depends on human effort.

When your lover is bored, you should speak softly to warm up your feelings;

When your partner is sad, you can add some sugar to your life by taking care of your partner;

When faced with adversity, only by staying together can we support each other until old age.

I hope that every day in the rest of my life, you and I will have such a close lover by my side, who will accompany you until dusk, accompany you until gray hair, three meals and four seasons, and enjoy the spring flowers and autumn moon together.


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