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Before and After Having a Baby ( Own Experience )

by Julian Sava 6 days ago in children

Before and After Having a Baby

Before and After Having a Baby ( Own Experience )
Before and After

Before and After having my first Baby

Day 1 of writing

Life before and after having my first baby is quite a life changing and the reason I say this is because every day I do things that normally I would never do.

Never say that nothing and no one can change you because that is a complete lie and I talk from my own experience.

Even before I got married I used to say that I would never get married and that changed once the right woman came into my life and brought color to my black and white day-to-day life.

Before my first baby came into my life I was very fussy with the jobs I had and everyone at my workplace and every time I didn't like something I would just move on and look for another job.

After my angel came into my life everything changed and I became the opposite I used to be.

I became more responsible, I wasn't fussy with my jobs anymore because at the end of the day I was only thinking about my wife and my baby and that I had to bring food home and pay my bills so even though the job was hard or the people at work were not that pleasant I didn't care anymore because I just wanted my little one to smile and never suffer.

I remember when my baby came into the world like it was yesterday because that was the first time in my life I nearly fainted and once I held her for the first time I knew that life from that moment will be a blessing and nothing will be the same.

The first few days were hard because once I got home with both the baby and my wife I didn't know what to do because we were alone and no one to help but we started baby steps and we got by every day.

There were days when she cried a lot but we were there for her every step of the way.

Day 2 of Writing

Before the birth of my baby, I didn't buy any baby clothes because I and my wife didn't know if we will have a girl or a boy, we wanted a surprise then when she came into our world I wanted to buy everything I could.

Before she came into our world we heard that there will be some nights without sleep but we didn't think that much but after few days we saw that the little one was sleeping deeply at night and she was active during day time and we were happy then after 2-3 months she changed her schedule and started to sleepless at night and she started to give us white nights.

After we saw that I got a night job thinking I will sleep with her during day time, but that didn't go as planned and my little one had other plans for me.

There were some moments when we didn't know what to do to calm her down because she was crying and everything she started to cry for more then 10 minutes we went to Hospital and once we got there she stopped crying and I remember one of the nurses telling us that it's normal for children to cry and we should not panic but at that time I and my wife was worried every time she cried because it was something involuntary for us.

Before having our first baby me and my wife planned 2-3 children at 2 years between them but after our little one came we said that 6-7 years would be better because after the first year we thought we will be knocked down.

Before the vaccine we were worried about all the pain she will have and after she had it we panicked every hour she cried and yet again we went straight to the Hospital because we always said that " It's better to be safe than sorry ! " and yet again Doctor and nurses told us that it's normal and we should relax more but that was easy for them to say because they had experienced over the years but we were just new in the land of parents.

Before she came into our world I remember that I used to join my wife to the parenting club where they prepared all parents for what will come when birth happens and what exercises to do and I remember I was more curious then my wife, I was living the moment and just a few moments before she gave birth I remember I told my wife few words that one of the midwives told us and it helped her.

Day 3 of writing

Every so often I would look at my baby and I would not believe how fast she grows. She is now 1 year and 5 months and I am amazed even in 4-5 months she grew a lot and her face changed and she does amazing gestures every day and makes our day.

Before I had the little angel I used to listen to my own music and after she came into our life all I can think about is baby songs, kids songs, and sometimes when I am at work I sing one of them in my mind and the same with my wife. I am amazed by how much even simple music affects you as a person.

Day 4 of writing

Before we had our first baby we didn't know it will be this hard, because looking around and looking at how other families do it we thought we can do it easily but we forgot that other families had help from their mothers, sisters, and so on and we were alone because our families are far away in other countries so we just had to learn from our own mistakes and make sure we do our best to take care of our little one. Days passed, weeks, months, and every so often we would have made a trip to either Hospital because we were panicking then to the local midwife for some support and everyone would say the same that she is perfectly healthy and we need to relax more and just enjoy her.

I would like to say that a child is a blessing and we should all appreciate the time they are little because time is going fast and we will pray that the first years of their life would come back.

I was told that this is the best age to enjoy everything with them, new gestures, new words, new feelings, and many more.

Before I had my first baby and before I got married I was always looking at other parents and I was wondering if I would be a good parent or a bad parent.

I always had the feeling that in my family I would be the last to have children but from what I saw when the right lady came into my life a baby followed fast, it's all about having the right wife and then the baby would be the result of that true love.

Day 5 of writing

Before having a baby everything was easier with traveling and all day to day shopping and after the baby came along we had to think about the baby's safety and the baby comfort and to have everything we need with us when we went traveling or just shopping.

It's a challenge sometimes because the little one doesn't like sitting still and she is fussy with a lot of things but then again so are we the parents fussy with the majority of things.

A baby needs understanding especially when she or he can't even speak yet to say what's wrong and what she or he needs.

It's a pain that sometimes when she cries I don't know what's wrong and if she's hurting somewhere but with time things will get easier and I know that she's a blessing for us.

When she first started to walk we were just watching her and amazed at her power of will because she struggled a few times until she got it right, first steps were when she was 11 months old and I remember my wife cried with joy that day.

Day 6 of writing

It's life-changing to have a baby and I felt that on my skin.

Every day you are thinking about what else to do in order for the child to have everything he/she needs. I feel tired every day but I still get up for work at 6 AM and I don't need motivation when I know that the little one needs new clothes or food.

When my little angel had her 1st birthday party she looked amazing in her customized dress and all, made me think how sad my life would of been without her.

The next thing you think about is when she will start talking because since she was 12 months old she started saying small words but then when they reach 18 months old they start saying more words and doing more stuff on their own.

I looked at her the other day and I was like WOW you grew and I can't wait for her to start talking properly so we know what she needs and when she is in pain what's hurting her because when I see her cry now of pain I feel useless because I don't know how to help her.

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Julian Sava
Julian Sava
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