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UK Fostering is the largest independent fostering agency in the United Kingdom, providing excellent agency coverage throughout the country. As a result, you have a local team behind you.

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UK Fostering

Foster care is needed for children and young adults in Kent and the surrounding area. We provide buddy systems, support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, peer training, peer support, and additional needs support groups. Choose a private organization with regional teams to guide you through each step if you want to become a foster carer.

UK Fostering is the largest independent fostering agency in the United Kingdom, providing excellent agency coverage throughout the country. As a result, you have a local team behind you.

As Kent's top fostering agency, we work with local authorities to place children and adolescents in environments where they can thrive. When you work as a foster parent for the UK Fostering, you will have unmatched access to your community's free training and expert advice.

You will also have access to a large and active peer network that includes several local support groups as a foster carer with one of the best-fostering agencies in the UK. A substantial staff of fostering professionals supports our foster parents in Kent. Despite its extensive geographic reach, the organization maintains a warm, family-like atmosphere. Foster carer salaries, also known as fostering allowances, frequently exceed £22,000 per year or £1,800 per month. This is significantly more than the amount the government recommends being paid weekly. Most foster parents in Kent will not have to pay taxes on this! Placements for foster children pay more than £35,000 per year. Your state benefits are unaffected by your employment as foster carer support.

The next thing you need to do if you want to work as a foster carer in Kent is talk to someone. By completing our inquiry form, you can schedule a call. We will be there for you every step of the way if you decide to continue with your application after this point, which typically takes 16 weeks. We can even assist you in beginning your training as a foster carer once we have helped you choose the types of fostering you want to do (fostering in Kent). We are seeking foster parents throughout Kent. We are open to people of all ages, physical abilities, religious and cultural beliefs, and economic circumstances. You can be a tenant, a homeowner, married, or single. Your capacity to nurture and care for a child is what matters.

Provide foster care, according to some. You must be married, have children, work, and own a house. This can't be true. Single, married, in a civil partnership, divorced, widowed, or any combination of the aforementioned are all acceptable statuses. We ask that you spare a room and give a child's needs top priority. We know that fostering will involve participation from every family member. Unfortunately, we cannot consider applications in which your children would have to share a bedroom with a foster child. You can live alone or with someone else, own a house, and have kids. Foster parents come from various racial, ethnic, cultural, and familial backgrounds.

UK Fostering is a respected foster care organization in Kent. Supported living is a type of shared housing in which the hosts rent a room to a young person who is leaving foster care in exchange for encouraging, inspiring, and guiding them to acquire the skills and confidence they need to live independently. The teen who rents the room settles in and uses the house like a family member. Some children may require assistance with simple tasks like budgeting, shopping, or cooking, while others may require more emotional support than others. Many people will need both! The goal of supported housing is to gradually increase young people's self-care responsibilities until they are ready to function independently.


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