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Be willing to cherish each other and never leave each other

by BRIAN SALLEE 5 months ago in art
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Where does the story begin?

About a year ago. The boy was bored in his bedroom after school. He logged in to YY again and met the girl. But the boy's impression of the girl is not deep, only limited to the netizen relationship he just met.

The girl added the boy's friend. After a few words, the boy didn't know what to talk about. Probably at that time, he thought the girl's microphone was low and the girl's voice was not the type that the boy liked, so the subsequent chat was interrupted.

After a few days, the boy met other friends, and the girl appeared again with other trumpets. The boy didn't recognize the girl at that time, so he played games with them.

For the next two months, several people would get together to play games every day, get familiar with each other and become good friends with each other. The boy also knew from other friends that the girl was the girl who had appeared. But he still pretended not to know in front of the girl. Maybe it was just his joke at that time.

So when the girl said her identity later, the boy deliberately pretended to be surprised, just to amuse the girl on a whim.

Later, one day, the boy knew that the girl had a boyfriend. He was inexplicably uncomfortable. He felt that he was uncomfortable with the girl and wanted to alienate the girl. Maybe at that time, the boy already had feelings for the girl, but he didn't know it at that time.

The girl never noticed, and the boy didn't notice the changes in his heart at that time. But gradually, the boy always likes to provoke girls, sarcasm and tease girls. When he can't see the girl, he will worry about gain and loss and raise his feet at a loss, as if there was something missing in life. But when I see it, the boy will not feel bullying the girl, and will secretly enjoy the fun of bullying the girl in the bottom of his heart.

Especially the girls who unite with their friends and run every time have nothing to say. The boy enjoyed the process and even formed a CP with another good friend? Why group CP? At that time, the boy didn't know why, but he had a pleasure of revenge on the girl. As for why he retaliated, he didn't know. He just wanted to attract the girl's attention. He just felt that after he formed CP with others, the girl would be angry and jealous. But the girl didn't, so the boy intensified. He wrote several books himself. The names were the names of the boy and CP. he wanted to see the girl's response, even if there was only a trace?

But the boy failed.

Then one day, the girl pulled her boyfriend into their common chat group. The boy who used to like talking suddenly became quiet. He became timid and didn't dare to read the girl's chat records. His temper began to become eccentric, and he talked less and less in the group.

Boys like girls, and boys at that time have noticed it. But what can happen? The boy didn't want to talk, so he chose silence.

The girl wanted to break up with her boyfriend. She came to ask the boy's opinion. The boy tested the girl's meaning after determining that the relationship between the girl and her boyfriend was not deep. The girl was reluctant at that time, but she was still rational and hesitant. How could the boy miss this opportunity? He advised the girl to break up. He didn't want the girl to be someone else's girlfriend.

But even after the girl broke up, the boy still didn't have a chance. Before long, the girl found CP on the Internet, and the boy ran away angrily. One of them was sulking. A person hesitates and is at a loss. The girl came to see the boy and asked him why he was unhappy. The boy just sang to the girl. The girl listened for a while and left. She didn't understand the boy's hint, nor did she hear the confession of the last boy talking to himself.

The boy likes girls. From that moment on, the boy wants to tell the girl that he likes her. But so what? When the girl left, the boy never said the word "like" to the girl himself.

The girl wanted to study in the city near the boy. The boy was very happy. Several friends agreed to meet and go out together. The boy looks forward to the day when he meets the girl.

The girl suddenly told her that she didn't come a few days ago. The boy was disappointed. At that moment, the boy was distracted. He kept asking the girl why. But the girl never said her reason.

The boy was angry. He had never been angry before. The day he thought was coming, but would he lose it? The boy withdrew from the chat group like losing his mind. Before long, the girl sent a voice to the boy and explained the reason to the boy crying.

The boy said he understood the girl's difficulties, but he insisted on meeting the girl. He's going to find the girl. He's going to see the girl. The girl agrees.

This is the starting point of the story. Everything began on that day when they first met.

It was July 15, 17, and the weather was fine.

That day was originally the time for the boy to work part-time, but the boy asked for leave in advance in order to see the girl. After tossing and turning all night, the boy was excited and lost sleep. He set the alarm clock and got up early. Walking around the room at a loss, killing nervous time. As time went by, the boy repeatedly looked at the time displayed on his mobile phone and finally reached the point. The boy went out and took the subway to the railway station.

All the way, the boy was looking at his mobile phone for fear of missing the message sent by the girl. But fortunately, everything went well. The girl had arrived at the railway station waiting for the boy.

After getting off the train, the boy was very nervous, but he still hardened his head and walked out.

Down the stairs is the exit. The girl said she was standing at the exit waiting for the boy, so the boy looked around as soon as he came out, trying to find the girl at first sight. Just then the girl's phone rang, and the boy saw the girl behind him in the blink of an eye. She was standing at the opposite exit waiting for the boy to come out.

The boy walked behind the girl like a prank and said hello. This was their first meeting. The boy was very happy. Even though he tried to hide his inner tension, he still seemed at a loss.

After chatting with the girl, they began to discuss the next trip. The girl asked the boy whether he wanted to play first or go home first. The boy felt it inconvenient to carry his schoolbag, so he simply asked the girl to take him home and put his schoolbag first. The two people took the subway back to the girl's residence. Along the way, the two people said a lot. The boy intended to narrow the sense of distance with the girl. There were many people on the subway. The girl was afraid that the boy would be hit, so she took the boy's arm, and the boy took the girl's hand like a joke.

It was the first time the boy took the girl's hand. Although he pretended to be joking, the boy was not willing to let go of it.

The journey was long and short, but no matter how long it passed, the boy still remembered the scene of that day again. The softness and smoothness of the girl's fingers and the cold and comfortable touch are always like a warm current, which warms the boy's heart all the time. Even if the boy had forgotten the content of their chat and the purpose of his coming, he would never forget their first hand in hand, the temperature between the palms and the sweet smell on the girl.

Out of the subway entrance, the scorching sun and a heat wave rushed towards her. The girl opened her sunshade and the two people gathered under the umbrella, but they still couldn't resist the baking of the scorching sun. They decided to take a taxi and go directly to the girl's home.

After getting out of the taxi, the girl took the boy into the community she rented. The environment in the community was beautiful. The boy looked around in surprise. When he arrived at the girl's rented room, the two people were blowing fans and chatting. The boy sat on the bed curiously, looking left and right, and then continued to discuss the next schedule.

The first is to go downstairs for dinner. The girl took the boy to the noodle shop across the street. After dinner, the two set off for a walk, eat snacks and see the scenery. At this time, the boy's mind always stayed on the girl and didn't pay attention to several place names said by the girl.

After getting on the bus, the two people sat in the back seat and began chatting. The closer the boy was to the girl, the more confused he was. He didn't care what the girl was talking about. He just wanted to get closer to the girl. Just stay together all the time.

At that time, the simple extravagant hopes now seem ridiculous. How can the boy be satisfied with these? But if he has not lost them, how can he understand how precious the original extravagant hopes will be?

The bus went around for more than an hour and finally stopped on a busy street. After getting out of the car, the girl looked at the mobile navigation and bought two cups of pearl milk tea with the boy. The boy was very happy with the hot sun above his head and cold milk tea. He looked at the girl and giggled. Then they talked and turned into a side path.

It was a path in front of a residential house, winding and endless. I didn't know where to lead. Now when I recall, the boy is not even sure whether he really walked that road. It's like a dream. The tranquility of that moment, you and me of that moment, holding hands of that moment, walking without knowing the end.

What if that road never ends?

But there is always an end to the road. After walking out of the path, the two returned to a long street. The girl looked at the mobile phone navigation and turned to the left. The boy didn't look at the mobile phone. He simply let the girl take him wherever he went. Anyway, he didn't care where he went as long as he was with the girl.

The two walked for about five or six minutes. The girl said they went backwards, so they turned around and walked behind them. The boy continued to speak in the same way as on the Internet, constantly sarcastic at the girl and deliberately joking. Two people talked and laughed, walked all the way, but also felt that time passed quickly. After walking for more than half an hour, the girl still didn't find the right place. She seemed to be lost. So the girl had to ask passers-by. After learning that they had passed the route, they had to turn around and go back.

This afternoon, the boy's impression was that he kept walking, from south to north, from west to East, from shopping street to snack street, from park shop to shopping mall bridge hole. After walking all the way, the boy said all the way. The girl was annoyed by the boy's complaints and would talk back, and then the boy said more and more vigorously. In fact, the boy was just afraid of the sudden cold, let him feel the sense of distance between him and the girl.

Finally, in the evening, the girl took the boy to dinner. As a result, they didn't find a suitable place after walking for a long time, so they turned and walked on the bridge. After a long walk, they found the right place. At dinner, the girl said to the boy, I'm glad you can come to see me today. The boy was embarrassed by the girl. He did come to see the girl, but more importantly, he wanted to tell the girl why he came and why he insisted on coming, but he didn't know how to say it or how to tell the girl that he liked her, so he wanted to see her.

What if she doesn't believe me, what if she refuses me, and what if she ignores me in the future? The boy hesitated He still didn't say anything.

In the evening, the boy and the girl came home. At night, the boy finally desperate to tell the girl that he likes her. He knows that the girl won't believe it, but the boy doesn't know what kind of way to express his love. The girl may blame him for his whole life, and may feel that he is a liar in the future. This is not a good start, but at that moment, the boy wanted to tell the girl in such a direct way that if he liked her, he would blame her, if he was wrong, if he liked it, he would like it. If he didn't say it, he would have no chance in the future.

The boy kissed the girl and told the girl that I liked you for a long time. The girl was scared to cry. She looked at the boy at a loss. The boy regretted and blamed himself, but now it's too late to say anything. Is it still useful to blame himself for being in a hurry? Is there no chance to retain the girl? The boy was also flustered. He was at a loss and didn't know how to face everything in front of him.

Say I'm mean or take advantage of others' danger. No matter whether the future result is good or bad, I will bear it. Even if you don't like me now, I will make you like me. At that time, the boy thought wishfully that he was willing to use all his feelings and thoughts to make up for the damage caused to the girl this night. He would double his kindness to the girl and never give up. He wanted to tell the girl that you were the person I always wanted and the person I always wanted to be together. Even if it's just my wishful thinking, I won't regret it.

But the boy forgot that the wrong beginning can only lead to the wrong ending. The girl's heart may have shut him out forever from that day on.


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