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Be More Childlike

by Aava Sharma 12 months ago in children
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"Kids see magic because they want it." ~ Christopher Moore

Be More Childlike
Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash

Take a moment to close your eyes and think of a beautiful, warm and sunny Sunday afternoon. Where can you be - home, on the beach or waiting at the bus stop?

Which of the above three points do you find most appealing? Most of us would probably prefer the beach. Nevertheless, true enlightenment can be found in all three.

Recently I was waiting for the bus. It was a beautiful, warm afternoon and a sunny Sunday afternoon. At the bus stop there were three ladies. One was an older woman in her late teens, the other was younger, and the last was just a little girl.

The woman in her late teens laughed with the baby and entertained herself, amid complaints from the baby's mother that she had to wait more than 30 minutes for the bus.

When she spoke to the child, the young mother was depressed and impatient. He also complained to the lady in his late afternoon about the late bus.

The child enjoyed being outside, talking, laughing, and having fun with the old lady. He had no sense of time or impatience. He showed no signs of worrying when he got to his destination.

Seeing this connection, I asked the old woman if she needed to be somewhere. He said, "No, I'm going home but I really don't have anything to go home with."

Looking at my Smartphone travel plan, I tried to convince everyone that the bus was supposed to arrive in five minutes.

The baby's mother hurriedly said, “No, no. It's not coming! I have been here for over thirty years and also look online. ”

How do you know that the bus is not coming? Yes, his experience told him that it was not. He was paying attention to the past, and especially, the past experience. The experiences he has chosen to do are valuable, practical, and up-to-date.

I could understand how she felt. I spent many years thinking that no one loved me or wanted me after many of my relationships failed. It was like waiting for the next bus, without hope.

The old woman said, “This city is going to the dogs!” He had made a decision. Who has dumped the whole city in disaster based on the delay of one single bus.

The old woman was focused on the future. The future he predicted based on one imagination he could have; the future of the whole city. The words we use are important because they convey our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

A small child was present. Live for the moment and enjoy his interactions with other people, a balloon in his hand, innocent of judgment and thinking.

He seemed to be enjoying the warmth of the sun on Sunday afternoon at the bus stop.

Suddenly a bus arrived. The driver opened the door and apologized for the delay, explaining that construction had confirmed him.

At every stop we encounter, people board and cry about the delay in their arrival. All this time, the child has not been aware of this, and it still is.

When I got off the bus several stops later, the other two were in the back. Two other buses carry people from A to B.

Buses sometimes come in threes because our journey in life is not always the same; not always guessed. Three buses at a time is a blessing, three cars to choose from, three to choose from one.

You see, the journey was beautiful. There was a child who discovered magic in interaction with another person, in the warmth of the sun, in the opportunity to stand and play. Unfortunately, some of us are sometimes caught getting from A to B.

Sometimes we do not know what is right in front of our eyes. Sadly, on this very day, the mother missed a few precious moments in her daughter's growing up.

It made me think of my parents and how I miss them. They are eighty years old and live 4000 miles away. Each day, I remember them growing up.

I feel like they are slipping, and it is sad for me that I am not there to argue and hear their stories every day.

I have decided to call them often, to visit them more often, without distance and cost (just details of the larger program).

The old woman is worried about getting home when she is not in a hurry and has not said anything about coming home. Sometimes that problem; we have nothing to travel.

Like a meteor hitting the Earth, it reminded me of a traumatic time in my life, when I had nothing to go home for. It was after a bitter breakup that had troubled me for years.

At that point in my life I was running from injury, but I had nowhere to go. I could understand how the old woman felt. I can bear his pain. I just wanted to catch him, tell him he would find a new way. Maybe I should have dared to tell him that?

As we grow from child to adult, we sometimes stop thinking. We stop dreaming. We focus on the details of everyday life that are not essential.

The bus is a car. It simply moves us from A to B. We can choose if we want to enjoy the journey.

Appreciate your departure today. There is beauty in everything.

Whenever you feel annoyed, impatient, or frustrated with your trip, ask yourself these questions:

What is speed? What can I appreciate right now? What opportunity did this delay give me? What am I really impatient with? What have I lost by being this way?

What can a child do right now? What is really important to me and what action should I take when I am not?

Strong questions irritate us. It makes us think, think and discover. They make us oppose our ideas and confront our thoughts.

Do something child-like throughout the journey. Skip to the store. Sing the elevator. Stop and look around. Just see, hear, and appreciate. Life can be wonderful if you let it.


About the author

Aava Sharma

I am a student currently studying at grade 12.

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