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Alpha Princess

by Lucy Love Kabba 11 months ago in literature

TO My Daughter

Realization of Alpha

Act 1

November 5, 2019

Time: unknown

Princess S (Sky): Where am I? Why am I here? Who am I?

Princess L (Lucy): She finally asked those questions! What do I tell her?

How do I begin to answer all her dying questions? I don’t know those answers

myself, but I know that I got to start somewhere. Let’s just wait until she starts

to communicate more and see if those questions will be asked again.

Princess S: Hello? Can you hear me?! What am I doing here, in your

house? Who are you guys? Why am I here? How did I get here?

Princess L: Oh snap, she asks again! Get it together, Lucy, just hold yourself

together. Hold on, my child. I hear you. Give me a minute to process

all of this.

Princess S: Your child? I am your child? How? When did this happen?

Princess L: Wait! Please tell me you remember this place?

Princess S: Well, to be honest with you, this place looks very familiar. I

just can’t put my finger on it, but it does feel like I have been here before.

Princess L: That’s it! At least we are getting somewhere. At least you are

familiar with this place. I wish I can become familiar with your home.

It has been a long time since I left the womb.


Lucy Love Kabba

Princess S: Oh yes, the womb, that’s where I am from. I was in between

time there. I was more soul in the womb but connected to earth. But

now, now I feel like I am more earth and the soul is leaving me, and I

don’t like the feeling of it. I need to get back in there.

Princess L: You can’t go back in there...at least not yet!

Princess S: Why is that? Why can’t I go back in there? Nothing’s going

on in here. From one realm to another, take me back please.

Princess L: There’s nothing going on because I haven’t taught you yet.

But you are here for a reason. You are chosen to be in the now with us. I

don’t know why, but it was written. You have to fulfill your purpose here

on earth. Do you remember signing any contract before transporting


Princess S: Yes! The contract we all do! Mother said my purpose is

within, and with time, it’ll find me.

Princess L: Mother?

Princess S: Yes, Mother! Our mother from the spirit realm. Do you not

know her?

Princess L: I know of her, but no, I don’t know her. I know she the “I

Am” and that she can be either gender. But she/he is the way and truth

to all our life questions, purpose, guide. You can say she’s the map.

What is your road map?

Princess S: Good question. Well, let us just start small. I have a lot to

learn, and so do you. I tell you what, we can exchange energy. I will

teach you about the “in-between” and you teach me the “now.”

Princess L: The in-between? What’s that?

Alpha Princess


Princess S: The in-between. We are all in between two extreme worlds.

You just happen to have more experience in the now. Wait, how long

have you been here?

Princess L: Wait, let’s just hold on to all those thoughts that are racing

in our mind. Like you said, let us go very slow. Here take all three...

Princess S: What’s that?

Princess L: Two lemons and one lime. The two lemons represent light,

which is me and you, and the lime makes the light whole, which is

Mother Earth—balance, wholeness, oneness, universe, light and dark,

subconscious, and consciousness.

Princess S: Well, what do I do with it?

Princess L: Keep it in a safe place, guard it with your heart if you

choose to.

Princess S: Well, do I give you all three of mines? Here take—

Princess L: No, my child. Keep two for yourself. Just give me one light

and I’ll be fine.

Princess S: Why only one light? Don’t you need all three to be whole?

Princess L: I am already whole. Your creation was the accomplishment

of my wholeness. The only reason why I need one light is to see you

when it’s dark. You’re new to this earthly realm, and innocent at that.

You need all the road map you need to walk this path. I knew who you

were before birth. I prayed for you. I created you. I just didn’t know the

time you’ll be here, but I already knew what you were. You don’t know

me, so trust had to begin, and that’s why I give you all of me.

Princess S: Where do we start from? How do I get to know you?


Lucy Love Kabba

Princess L: With time, you’ll know all you need to know. We have to

start from the beginning. I have to fill you in. The way life is moving,

there’s a lot to cover in so little time.

Princess S: Well, you know I am watching, right?

Princess L: Yes indeed! I know! That’s the reason why the pressure’s

on me. Teaching is beautiful once you have been taught yourself. I

absolutely don’t know anything or where to start. I think I know but I

don’t, and time is catching up. I mean look at the way life is. No one is

paying attention to the new generation. We are luring you guys in the

system instead of finding the way out. I know there’s a way. I just don’t

know the way out yet.

Princess S: Wow, it’s same like there’s so much going on.

Princess L: Yes, wise one, there is...there’s a lot! There are lies,

deceitfulness, cheating, tricks going on, but in that mix, there is Truth,

we just have to figure out the lies from the truth. The mess is so much

and the cleaning is loaded. I don’t know what to believe anymore. It

got me lost in spirit, and I am on the walk to finding truth because I

know it’s within.

Princess S: Well, here’s a lemon for you. Let’s just start with my name

and yours and my father’s.

Princess L: You’re right, that is a great start. Meaning we have to start

with the alphabet.

Princess S: The alphabet?

Princess L: Yeah, the alphabet is the letters in your name. Your whole

name is made of seventeen out of twenty-six letters of the alphabet put

together. Including repeated letters, and if we add your nickname, it’ll

be twenty out of twenty-six letters we used to create your name and


Alpha Princess


Princess S: Ooh! So you create with the alphabet? Well, there’s an alpha

where I came from, but we don’t bet on it.

Princess L: Really? You don’t bet on alpha? How is that?

Princess S: Well, I can’t tell you, but I know that there an alpha in

omega, but not bet.

Princess L: Well, let’s take the bet out and just learn the alpha for now,

and we can find the omega after...how does that sound?

Princess S: As long we start somewhere, that’s all that matters. What

does my name mean?

Princess L: Creativity pad.

Princess S: What?

Princess L: Creativity pad opens it...let us create and learn together.

I just had a rebirth, and I need to start all over—from the beginning.

End of Act 1


Lucy Love Kabba

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