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A seven-day affair, a lifetime of pain

by pomfret wise 2 months ago in extended family
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Cheating is something I didn't think about

But I did it for real. I had a passionate experience with him on the train, and I used to be attractive, and we lost touch after that. Now I often wonder if I wouldn't have been so miserable if I hadn't been online and didn't know him, but it can't go back to where I started, and my life is a mess because of him.

My husband and I met in college, when he was a member of the sports committee, and I often asked for leave because of physical discomfort, so I could only look at him from a distance during the physical education class. At that time, my heart was attracted by him. When I was about to graduate, he confessed his love to me. My mind was confused at that time, but I didn't expect that he also liked me. God really played a trick on us by making it clear when we were about to graduate.

After graduation, we went to work in the same company, he was a salesman and I was a housewife. Two years later, we got married naturally. I think this is the beginning of a happy life. We did have a wonderful life after marriage, and we had our love child the following year. But after that, I was not as happy as before. I often quarreled with my husband for some family trifles. I felt that he did not understand my pain, so the distance between us became farther and farther.When I quarrel with my husband, I chat on the Internet. I like to complain to some strangers, so that there is a person to comfort me and feel better. Of course, the other person needs to have a sense of humor, which can also make me happy and let those sad things go away from me. Sometimes I think the net friend is more considerate than my husband. The husband can only make me sad while the net friend can make me happy. After all, the net friend can only know my thoughts, and my secret can only be told to the net friend. One day I was so bored I wanted to talk to someone, and that's how I met the guy who cheated on me.

There was no wechat back then. It was a web chat room.

I typed in the chat room: "Don't be too young, don't have too many ideas, don't type too slowly." Soon there were many people with me to talk, I watched for a moment, called a name "Lin", because of his small heart asked: "Can I? I'm not old, I don't have many ideas, but I can type very slowly, because I just learned to type." I typed a line: "Don't worry, take your time, I wait for you." And so our conversation began. Wait for me to ask, he put his spendthrift to me, I informed him that no one on the Internet will trust the truth, he said that even on the Internet he said is the truth...

That day, we chatted for a whole afternoon, I can see, he is very happy, and I made an appointment to talk the next day. Later I asked him why he wanted to talk to me. He said that because I did not dislike his slow typing, he explained that I was considerate and made him feel that he wanted to protect me. We chatted from the Internet to the Internet, he would call or send short messages to me whenever he was free, he said he liked to listen to my voice, sweet, soft.

Long vacation, A Lin invited me to his home to play. I carried my husband to the city. Arlin said he would pick me up, and I was the last one off the plane that day. As I walked out of the airport, I opened my phone and saw a tall man standing at the exit. Although we had not met before, I knew intuitively that it must be him. He smiled and waved, sophisticated and charming, and I smiled and followed him to the car.

As the vice president of the company, A Lin has a dignified brow, but he is always very meek to me, he said that he can't handle me, because I am too weak, weak let him unconsciously want to protect me. In those days, he arranged me in a local five-star hotel, although he had business, but whenever he had time, he would come to accompany me, we also took the train to a relatively close city travel, on the train and I held hands with Alin, I knew my heart had been derailment.

To this day, I still miss those short seven days. They are also the most unforgettable seven days in my life. Said unforgettable, is because the final day, with wine strength, I unreservedly gave himself to him. We didn't sleep all night. He was 45 years old, 16 years older than me, but I didn't feel the distance between us.

When he got up, he opened the safe in his room and took out a box that he said was for me. I opened it and was shocked to find cash, clothes and other precious gifts inside. "I put it in the safe before you came," he said, "to come out and play and always buy some presents. These things are for you and your family. I was going to give you a laptop, but I didn't want you to make too much noise with it, so the money is for you to get a fancy computer. This is a little of mine, and you must not refuse it."

When I left, I cried, and Arlin touched my shoulder to wipe my tears and advised me to be happy and come to see him whenever I liked. When we got home, we kept going. For the first time, I lied to my husband. I knew I was not a good woman, but I still wanted to protect my family.

Then one day, Arlin disappeared from my life. My phone's not working. I don't know why. For a while, I was frantically looking for him, but again and again in despair, even his driver was gone, I knew we were done.

Suddenly, many years have passed, sometimes I can still think of him, often at this time, there is a kind of unspeakable taste in the heart, miss him, and feel sorry for their husband, although the husband does not know.

An absurd experience, leaving a terrible memory, I always think, one day, I want to the husband say that the secret of the hidden in the deep heart's core, only in this way, I was able to peace, said later, perhaps the husband will be angry, maybe he will choose to leave me, no matter what he done I would agree, because I did a man the most taboo thing, I should take all the consequences. Just don't feel guilty anymore.

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