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A Little Black Notebook

by Roberto Garcia about a year ago in children
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A Mother and Daughter's Tale

A Little Black Notebook
Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash

I looked at the house standing in front of me and sighed. A text came through from my boyfriend, Julis, asking about how long it was going to take for me to get back home.

I closed my eyes and breathed in and out.

Slowly, I started to walk into the blue two story home I called my childhood. As I opened the door, everything started to come in at once.


I ran through the house as Ricky, my older brother, chased me down the hallway. I had stolen his toy truck for destroying my barbie and I was seething with vengeance in mind. He knew what I was going to do as I crossed my way into my mom's office and then I bumped into a pile of notebooks my mom had kept into a neat stack.

They all fell to the floor as Ricky caught up to me.

"I'm telling mom," He said with a gleeful smile.

"WAIT!" I exclaimed but he was gone before I could say anything else.

I looked around seeing the amount of books and paintings that loomed over my head. Everything seemed so vast back then. Every piece of painting, every single book, and every little notebook with a date seemed so far away from my grasp of understanding.

I quickly tried to put them neatly back together by date but knowing my mom the color schemes were also important. Shaking my head I looked for a place to hide and chose the obvious office desk. The ebony wood truly made me feel hidden.

Then, I heard the door open and gasped a little. Quickly, I put my hand over my mouth. Like a movie character from a particular story with a dinosaur in it, I was terrified. Slowly, I saw her dark shiny legs before she stopped and...

...sat down...

...make no movement...

...make no sound...

"BOO!" She exclaimed as I screamed.

She smiled and shook her head.

"You meanie!" I exclaimed.

She sat down in front of me and opened her arms. I quickly ran up to her and hugged her. I immediately started to cry and explained everything in that quick hurried way a child would when they haven't learned that many new words.

"You're okay," She said as she brushed my braided hair with her hand. "You're fine. Mom's here and she understands."

She got up and carried me onto her lap. I was so tiny back then, although that hasn't changed that much, I suppose. At least, I'm taller than before.

"So..." She sighed. "I'm going to fix this and I'm making Ricky write out an ode to Doctor Crumpler. She was an amazing doctor brought to life by an amazing storyteller."

I smiled as I wiped tears from my face.

"So amazing storyteller," She said as she rummaged through her notebooks. "I have a little assignment for you."

I looked at her shocked, "But... but... is this my punishment for the notebooks?"

She stopped with a serious face and then bursted out laughing as her afro swayed back in forth seemingly forgetting I still viewed assignments as homework and more homework as punishments.

"No, silly," She said. "I want you to write more stories about Doctor Crumpler."

"Okay," I said smiling a little bit.

"I, for one, will not stop wanting to read about her adventures through the hospital and the way she saves people's lives," She said smiling at me as she handed me a tiny little black notebook. "I want to read every single one of them."

I nodded as she kissed my forehead and I held onto that notebook tightly.


I wiped the tears from my face as I went into the office and saw her giant doctorate diploma over her large ebony desk. Her notebooks were now on the shelf. Slowly, I walked over to open one of them.

Each one was filled with detailed notes on diseases within the medical field with no cures. Pictures of human anatomies and cells littered the notebooks. Each one labeled meticulously.

She was such a nerd.

I smiled thinking of all the historical pieces of information about the medical field she would tell us about. I shuddered at the thought of the STD lesson but chuckled realizing just how nice it was to have such a nice and open mother. I walked over to her desk and sat on her chair.

I looked at the picture in front of me and whispered, "I'm almost done writing your story."

Then, I took the little key the attorney gave me when the will was read out loud. I opened the drawer...

There were notebooks labeled with my name and dates. Each one had a title in it and I grabbed the very first one.


I opened it to find $20,000 and a crude drawing of my mom with her finger in front of her hand. I laughed remembering how my mom would hide my birthday presents all around the house. She even managed to make my car present a scavenging hunt.

I cried...

God, I'm gonna miss you so much.


A check with $20,000 was in my hand. I walked into the Club Row Building in front of me. The Manhattan city noise disappeared as I walked inside. A lady with dark raven hair tied in a ponytail greeted me as I entered into the offices of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

"So what brings you here today?" Cassandra said as she fixed her ponytail with a seemingly fanatic smile.

"I actually came to drop off the text and give you the signed book you wanted," I said.

"Wait!" She said. "I already bought one!"

"Thank you," I said as I handed her a signed copy of Felicity Kingston: The Life and Times of a Medical Right's Doctor.

"This work is just pure art," She said. "You're mom would be proud."

"I know," I said with a smile spread across my face. "Hopefully, this much can help."

Cassandra nodded as I walked out back into New York. My phone rang and as I took it out I looked into my bag to the little black notebook with the label: DR. CRUMPLER'S HEROIC ACHIEVEMENTS. I hung up the phone call and took out the notebook.

I sat down on a bench and started to read.


About the author

Roberto Garcia

Just a latino with big dreams of becoming a good enough writer.

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