A Letter to My Big Sister

I know no life without my sister in it.

A Letter to My Big Sister

Dear Sister,

In the very beginning of my life, my first day here on this earth I was greeted with two smiling faces one of which was our mom's and the other... Well, the other was yours. Even at the age of three you anxiously awaited my arrival and it wouldn't be long until we became the very best of friends.

See I always kind of think I may have gotten a little bit luckier than you did because even though I wasn't the first "baby," I got to live my entire life with you. I know no life without my sister in it. We've shared some of my very first moments in life together, you've watched my first steps, smile, the first day of school, first day of high school, first heartbreak, marriage, and the birth of my children, plus so much more in between moments.

I'd like to say that we have a bond that is so unbreakable not even the jaws of steel could pull us apart but isn't that what all sisters say? I want you to know and understand why it is that our bond is so very unique and different from other sisters out there and why it is so important to me. Our lives haven't always been perfect we have had some hard spots in life but I can't remember a single one that we faced alone.

I think sometimes that God knew, I couldn't live this life alone without you and so he sent me to mom so that I had you to go through this life with. We got to experience our very first pregnancies together, both boys so we also go to experience our very first nephews together as well. And then every pregnancy after that at the same time... How is it we were both blessed with three boys and a girl each? That, well that, is what I call a bond.

We experienced the loss of our brother together and in those moments of despair and brokenness, you were the light at the end of my tunnel to lead me out of the darkness. Any time I call you, day or night, I know that you will be there. I know that there is absolutely no distance or time that keeps us apart. Don't get me wrong, we have had our fair share of bickering, fights, and arguments. But we ALWAYS bounce back from those and our bonds become stronger with each passing day. When every single person has turned their back on me, forsaken me, given up on me, or walked out of my life. You don't. You never leave me, you never judge me, and you never betray me.

I know that my feelings and my heart are always okay with you and I never have to put a guard up because I know you'll keep my heart safe. In so many ways I look up to you more than you will ever know. You are fearless, caring, loving, loyal, helpful, and honest to a fault. I wish on many occasions that I could be half of the woman you are in life and I would be absolutely content with that.

You have taught me so many things... I only hope that I have had the same effects on you in life that you have had on me. They say that God gives you many different forms of soul mates, not just the people you date or marry but in the people you love and If anything were ever so true its that saying... You are my soul mate throughout this life. I love you, to the moon and back, infinity & beyond.

Jennifer Campbell
Jennifer Campbell
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