A Day No Mother Should Go Through

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The day I almost lost my daughter

A Day No Mother Should Go Through
The Day I Almost Lost My Daughter

January 4th 2019 is a day that will replay in my mind for forever. A day no mother should ever have to go through. It was the day I almost lost my daughter.

Let's rewind a bit. See when I was pregnant with my son at 16 years old, I was extremely high risk. Bed rest and all type of high risk. I could go to the bathroom and shower and that was about it from about 20 weeks to 36 weeks. Luckily I had my son full term and he was happy and healthy. Fast forward 7 years later. Dominic and I decided to finally have another baby. We were nervous because before I was told by doctors that if I have another baby I will be high risk but we were willing to take the risk. We had moved so I wasn't going to the same doctors unfortunately, so I had to see a new OBGYN. I had been seeing her anyway because I have Endometriosis. When I told her I was pregnant, I also told her about my pregnancy with my son and how the doctors said I would be high risk. She said that was 7 years ago and my body is more mature and ready for a baby. Fair enough. It made sense, but we were still nervous.

My pregnancy was not the smoothest. In the beginning I lost so much weight from the morning sickness. I had broken blood vessels all over my face from puking so much and so hard. The doctors tried to give me the medicine. For one I'm not to thrilled about taking medicine when I'm not pregnant, let alone when I am pregnant. But I was so sick I tried it and guess what, it made me even worse! I was sick my entire pregnancy. Every. Single. Morning. All.Day.

Around 6 weeks into my pregnancy, my 7 year old gets Hand Foot and Mouth. I call my OB and let them know and they said I should be fine. Wrong. At about 20 weeks, I woke up one morning feeling like my feet we're on fire. They we're red and itched like no other and it only lasted roughly an hour. I called the doctors and told them what was going on and they sent me for blood work. The blood work came back showing that I had the Coxsackie B virus ( Hand Foot and Mouth virus) in my system. They said I must of contracted it when Cayden ( my son) was sick and just one day had an episode. They then sent me to the high risk doctor because the Coxsackie B virus can cross threw the placenta and cause birth defects and even a still birth.

At the high risk doctor they did an anatomy scan, and of course my daughter was not cooperate. She was flipping around so they couldn't see her heart. See with this virus, it can affect the heart and cause defects. They had me dancing trying to get her to move. They ended up getting a picture of her heart upside down and that was the best they could do. The doctor said her heart looked fine but we honestly wouldn't know if the virus affected her until she was born. He felt there was nothing more he could do for me and sent me back to my regular OB.

During my pregnancy I had kidney stones 3 times. The 3rd time, I was about 34 weeks, hospitalized me because I had so much blood in my urine from the stones. I ended up having to go on early maternity leave from work.

Mind you the OBGYN practice that I go to, there are 5 doctors. Towards the end of my pregnancy I started seeing them all. I went to a follow up appointment after being released from the hospital and I was seeing a new doctor. ( I really liked her) During my exam she noticed I was dilating and my blood pressure was high. She sent me directly to the Birth Center where another doctor told me I was fine and that I didn't need the shot to mature my daughters lungs because I was going to make it to 37 weeks. WRONG!

At 34 weeks and 6 days, it was a Saturday, I nested so hard. Sunday my stomach dropped and I felt awful all day. I was super crampy so I laid down all day and just put my feet up. That night when we went to bed, her movements hurt so bad I was in tears! Morning time comes and I notice I'm soaked so I go to the bathroom and liquid is still dripping out of me. So what do I do? They tell you if you think your water is leaking to sit on a paper bag and see if anything is coming out. I didn't have a paper bag but Cayden had construction paper. I sit on it and it's wet. I'm pretty sure my water broke but I'm hoping I just peed myself because I was only 35 weeks 1 day. I call my OB and I didn't get a call back so I woke Dominic up and told him I think my water broke. He didn't believe me and told me this better be the real deal because he can't take off work. He's a grumpy morning person. We went and woke Cayden up and took him to my best friend's house then went up to the hospital. They laughed at me saying I probably just peed my pants. Once they got me into a room and did the pH strip test and a swab test, it confirmed my water did in fact break.

I labored for 21 hours. Once my daughter was born the respiratory team was there and took her immediately. I didn't get to hold my daughter first. When I finally did get to hold her they had to take her from my arms and take her away because she wasn't breathing correctly. They called it "singing''. She was struggling for air. They told me we might have to be transported to a hospital with a NICU. My strong little girl surprised everyone when she started breathing fine and acting normal. After 3 days in the hospital we both were finally released. 2 weeks of pure happiness, joy and sleepless nights. We were home for 2 weeks before our worlds turned upside down.

January 4, 2019 I pulled my back out picking up the wipes. I was laying on the floor with a heating pad while Oaklyn was in her bassinet. Something told me " GET UP AND GRAB YOUR DAUGHTER NOW!". I jumped up and grabbed her. She threw up and then stopped breathing and turned blue. I gave her some pats on the butt and shock her a little bit and she gasped for air. We live o.8 miles from the hospital so by the time the ambulance would of gotten there we would have been at the hospital. I call my best friend to watch my son and her phone was on silent. Dominic had to drop me off at the hospital scared, not knowing what was happening to his daughter. Once I get into the hospital I tell them she spit up and stopped breathing. They didn't seem panic at all because at this point she's awake and looking around. I finally go back and the doctor is talking to me like I don't know babies spit up. I was breastfeeding at the time and she was hungry, so I fed her. Shortly after she spit up and stopped breathing and turned blue. The doctors finally realized I was serious. They rushed her for and X-Ray and Cat Scan while they waited for Akron Children's Intensive Care Unit Ambulance to get there. Once the ambulance got there, she was completely unstable and barely breathing. This entire time I'm holding my baby, shoving an oxygen mask that's the size of her head, on her face. Once they get her stable, I was able to ride in the ambulance to the hospital.

When we arrived at Akron, everyone was wonderful. My poor baby on the other hand was barley hanging on. They blew 18 veins trying to get and IV. They were ready to shave her head and stick her there. Her heart rate and oxygen levels just kept dropping so they gave her some caffeine to try and raise her heart rate. They transported her to the NICU where they did a spinal tap and more blood work. They couldn't figure out what was happening to my baby. After the first day of being in the NICU, she started to act competely fine. She didn't have anymore episodes but because they gave her caffeine she had to stay a week and make sure after it wore off she wouldn't have any more episodes. After a week in the NICU and a baby acting completely fine, the group of doctors told us she was having episode of sleep apnea. The term is Premature Apnea. She was 5 weeks premature and forgot how to breathe when she was sleeping. I almost lost my baby.

I have never been threw something so traumatizing in my entire life. I truly believe had the doctors listened to me from the very beginning we wouldn't of went threw this. I wonder what if they would of given me the shot to mature her lungs? Would that of prevented this? Now my daughter is a 14 month old diva who rules the world. Healthy, happy, and strong. The NICU nurses called her feisty and they aren't wrong.

The moral of this story is love hard every day. Cherish every single moment because nothing is promised. I am so grateful my daughter is alive and healthy. Never take for granted what you have, because it could be gone in a blink of an eye.

Halie Steider
Halie Steider
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