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5 Fun Winter Activities to Do With Your Kids

Fun things to do when it starts to get chilly

5 Fun Winter Activities to Do With Your Kids

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With the arrival of winter comes fun in the snow, built-in excuses for getting cozy, and a host of other opportunities for family togetherness. Here are five fun winter activities that you can do with your kids to make the most out of this special season.

Search for the Snow

Every kid loves the magic of the first snowfall of the year. If you do not live in a place that regularly sees snow in the winter, consider taking a trip to find some of the fluffy white stuff.

Kids will delight in romping in the snow, building snowmen, flying down a hill on a sled, making snow angels, and more. If your family is competitive, consider planning a friendly snowball fight. There is no limit to the fun that you can have out in the snow. As long as you ensure that everyone is dressed warmly, everyone will have a blast while burning off some energy.

Take Up a New Hobby

The winter season provides a great opportunity to take up a new hobby. You can either do this as a family or find specific hobbies for each of your children. Be sure to pick a hobby that reflects their own personal interests or passions.

For example, if your child has an affinity for music, you may want to consider signing them up for guitar lessons. After you have researched how to find guitars for sale, you will be well on your way to providing your child with a creative outlet while encouraging an appreciation of the arts. Learning to play a musical instrument is a gift that will stay with your child for the rest of their life.

Binge-Watch Holiday Movies and Programs

The cold of winter simply invites you to get comfortable on the couch with a cozy blanket and a crackling fire. Make this even more special by gathering the family together to binge-watch holiday movies and television specials.

Regardless of the ages of your children, you can find a movie that everyone will agree on. Pop some popcorn, prepare hot cocoa with marshmallows, or get a head start on your holiday cookie baking so that you have plenty of snacks to go along with your viewing. If you want to make it more memorable, buy every family member a set of matching holiday-themed pajamas to wear as you get cozy together.

Visit a Zoo

Many families shy away from visiting the zoo during the winter months because of the weather. However, this can actually be the very best time to visit. Not only will you see fewer crowds than in the busy summer season, but you will also get the opportunity to see the animals when they are likely to be more active.

Before you pick a date, take a look at the extended forecast. You can also make this a learning experience by asking your kids to pick an animal to research prior to the outing.

Take a Winter Nature Hike

Do not let the cold weather stop you from getting out and connecting with Mother Nature. Taking a nature hike is the perfect cure for the winter blues.

If your kids are young, make it more fun by collecting items along the way and using them to make a winter tablescape for your dining room table. Good ideas include pinecones and evergreen branches. This is a great way to make lasting memories.

There is no limit to the ways to harness the beauty of this season of downtime. Your kids will appreciate all of the thought that went into planning these special activities that take advantage of the best parts of the winter season.

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