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Things to do in Healdsburg CA

By Harry JamesPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Fun Things in Healdsburg CA

A quaint tiny town in Sonoma County, California, called Healdsburg, is well-known for its lovely vineyards and wineries, mouthwatering cuisine, and breathtaking scenery. Here are a few enjoyable activities you can make memories with Healdsburg car service.

1.JAZZ FESTIVAL With Healdsburg Car Service


You should attend the Healdsburg Jazz Festival in the middle of the summer if you enjoy jazz and seek activities in Healdsburg, California, other than wine tasting.

A diverse group of skilled jazz artists worldwide and in the United States will perform at Healdsburg Plaza near Fountain Square and other locations with Healdsburg car service.

The Healdsburg Jazz Festival has become a sensation among fans of Jazz music, and it only gets better every year with its ideal summer evening ambiance!

Grab a beer or a glass of wine from the downtown tasting room and enjoy the joyful atmosphere. Look into the many restaurants for something to eat as you dance to jazz music.


The well-known Helicopter tour is one of the greatest ways to experience the splendor of this charming wine town if you're wondering what to do in Healdsburg this weekend.

The excursion, led by Butterfly Aviation, will soar you above the top wineries in the area, as well as its sprawling vineyards and breathtaking mountain peaks. Additionally, the stunning redwoods will be seen from a height of several thousand feet.


You can see the Russian River winding through the environment as you soar over the neighborhood and get a bird's-eye perspective of the quaint city.

The trips may be tailored to your needs and are offered all year round. I advise you not to miss this amazing experience while in Healdsburg, whether you're seeking a thrilling excursion for yourself or a romantic journey with your special someone.


Visits to the Hand Fan Museum are among the unusual things to do in Healdsburg. One of the specialized Healdsburg activities, as it is the only hand fan museum in the country.

The Healdsburg Hand Fan Museum opened in 2002 and is home to almost 2,500 other hand fans representing many civilizations, architectural styles, and other complex items worldwide.

You might be asking why Hand fans are so fantastic. However, suppose you look closely at the designs. In that case, you will discover information about the place's important history, religion, social culture, fashion, and the development of art, which may open your eyes to another viewpoint.

This museum has elaborate works of art from the Victorian era that have been successfully conserved over the years. All ages are welcome here, and you may join a guided tour to learn more about this distinctive art.


Located along the beautiful US101 highway and a 10-minute drive from the Plaza, The Francis Ford Coppola Winery is an amusing destination if you are a wine and movie buff. It is one of the fun things to do in Healdsburg.

The place is known for its exclusive well-built museum, which houses unique exhibits from different movies showcased in a two-story gallery.

Check out The Godfather's Chair and Desk and the oddball Dracula costume collections. Remember to take photos next to the iconic Red automobile from Tucker: The Man and His Dream.

You can get a close-up look at Coppola's Oscar, which you can see if you've never attended one in person.

Additionally, there are two cutting-edge pools, private cabanas, bathrooms, and a multi-cuisine restaurant with mouthwatering cuisine and top-notch wines.



Olive oil tasting is one of the unusual things to do in Healdsburg and is an unforgettable experience. Interact with the neighborhood olive oil producers, learn about the subtleties of oil production, and taste a variety of local oils.

A skilled guide will explain the science behind the oils and help you comprehend the genuine sense of their flavor, fragrance, and texture throughout the tasting tour.

You might even try some infused varieties and extra-virgin oils. Throughout the trip, you will learn how to choose the right kind of oil for a particular meal and how to use oils in cooking.

The Olive Press At Jacuzzi Family Vineyard, TrattoreFarms (try their deep green Spanish harvest olive oil), Figone's Olive Oil Company, Jordan Vineyard and Winery, and DaVero Farms and Winery (try their Meyer lemon oil, made by crushing olives with Meyer lemons in a stone mill) are some of the places I recommend for tasting olive oil.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, Healdsburg, California, offers various fun activities and attractions. From wine tasting to cycling and hiking to visiting museums and art centers, there's something for everyone in this charming town.

Additionally, the local food and wine scene is to be noticed, with plenty of options for dining and enjoying locally sourced ingredients and wines. Overall, Healdsburg is a great destination for those looking for a relaxing and enjoyable getaway with Healdsburg car service.

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