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10 Reasons Why You Need to Create Family Memorabilia

Keep your cherished memories with you, wherever you go. Everyone should create family memorabilia – here’s why.

By My PhotoPublished 6 years ago 8 min read
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One thing that stands out these days is how rare it has become to find family memorabilia around newer homes. It seems as though people don’t make time to create physical family memorabilia, and in many cases, it’s due to the prevalence of online photo albums and social feeds.

Popular as they are, online photo albums aren’t always the best choice for family memories. In fact, some studies have suggested that spending too much time on social media can cause anxiety. With the ever-evolving way that the internet grows, it’s also never certain where your photos may end up.

The invention of the internet isn’t all bad, though. The internet has made sharing photos and videos easier than ever—and that means you can bring your memories to life in more ways than ever before.

Everyone should make an effort to create solid copies of their favorite family memories, and that’s a fact. Here’s why having touchable photos in your home is so important in an age where everything has gone digital.

Family memorabilia is a great gift for anyone you care about.

The most common reason that people create family memorabilia using sites like MyPhoto is because it’s a wonderful gift that takes minimal time to make, and always lasts a lifetime. When you give photos to someone, it shows that you cherish the memories you have of them and want to share a wonderful reminder.

The best example of how effective this is can be seen in printed photos. Photo prints are increasingly rare now that we tend to store everything on social media, phones, and hard drives. And yet, it can be so important to actually hold a photo in your hands.

Think about the last time that you had a friend give you a gift that featured a photo of the two of you together. Didn’t you feel great? Printed photos, whether it’s on an acrylic tray or in a picture frame, are a way to tell that special someone, “You matter to me.”

It’s a way to make a house into a home.

Galleri Frame by MyPhoto

If you look at hotel rooms, they always appear to look nice but typically are a little bland and never really feel like home. Without any family memorabilia or photos, hotel rooms feel impersonal. That vague ambiguity works well for a hotel that needs to appeal to the masses, but that approach doesn’t work for a home. Your home is yours. So, you should work to make it yours.

When you create family memorabilia and place it in your home, you’re adding your own special touch to your living area. You’re showing guests (and yourself) that you have roots, family, and also are proud of who you are. Nicely framed photos, photo ornaments, and wall decor with photos showing your family members helps add that homey-ness to your house in ways other decor can’t.

The right memorabilia can help you remember that you’re not alone.

If you have just moved to a new state, it’s very likely that you will miss having your old friends and relatives nearby. Even though you might logically know that you can reach out to friends, not having them in close proximity can give you the feeling of isolation.

Major transitional times can be difficult to cope with, and it may even make you feel like you’re knocked loose from your roots. Having elegant photo prints of loved ones is a great way to help you feel more in touch with yourself and others.

Being able to look at the reassuring smile in the photo of your loved one can help you remember that you’re not really alone. There is, after all, a reason why photos are so comforting to people; they remind them of the fact that they’re loved.

During times when you feel isolated, having family memorabilia can help you remember that your friends and family are only a phone call away. Even having a family portrait printed on glass in your hallway can help ground you immensely.

Family memorabilia helps remind you of what’s important.

Atrium Acrylic by MyPhoto

A major reason why it’s so important to create family memorabilia is the message it sends to you. In 60 years, the amount of money that you earned at the job will not matter as much as you think it does. It won’t matter what shoes you bought, what clothes you wore, or even what car you drove.

The vast majority of people who are in retirement homes regret not spending more time with their friends and family when they were younger. When you create family memorabilia, you’re making sure to remind yourself that the important parts of life are about the people you meet, love, and spend time with.

It’s also a good way to guarantee that you’ll have those photos for decades to come.

Atrium Acrylic Tray by MyPhoto

One of the smartest reasons why you should create family memorabilia with a service like MyPhoto is because many digital ways of keeping track of photos may become obsolete and make it difficult to retrieve photos you saved in the future. Many sites will either lose their profitability, get hacked, or might just end up dropping off the face of the Earth. Even storing your photos on a thumbdrive may end poorly.

Should you store your photos on a service that ends up dying out, all the memories you cared so much about will vanish. It’s happened before, and it can happen again. When this happens, photos vanish, leaving much of your ability to show people what it was like “back then” to go away with it.

You’d be surprised at how much of your heritage can be captured in family memorabilia and printed photos. When you have real, physical prints, you can ensure that your children, your grandchildren, and even your great grandchildren will be able to see what you looked like all those years ago.

Family memorabilia shows you where you came from.

There’s something to be said about being able to see your roots—and yes, your family photos do show a lot about who you are. In today’s rapidly-changing world, it’s easy to forget the way you grew up, the culture you lived in, and the people around you. When you create family memorabilia, you allow yourself to bask in what makes you the person you are today.

A photo tells a thousands stories. It shows you the country you lived in, the clothes you and your family wore, the smiles you had, and so much more. Preserving that is vital to helping others see your heritage, the culture that surrounded you, and more.

If you really think about it, family memorabilia is a form of artwork.

Moderna Metal from MyPhoto

Photography is a form of art. Art is supposed to speak to you, and when you have family photos in your home, it definitely does make a statement. Every little photo that you print, regardless of the medium you print it on, will be a unique addition to your home. It’s a way to make your life into art.

When you create family memorabilia or choose to print out your photos for display, you’re creating a form of art that celebrates you and the members of your family. It’s just that simple. You can be the family curator of your own art.

The sheer quality of memorabilia you can commission has never been better, either. With some of the elegant glass and acrylic photo printing options out there, you can always ensure that your artwork will be a significant and appealing addition to your home.

You can show off the cool memories you have made using memorabilia.

Galleri Frame by MyPhoto

In 20 years, people might never know that your family member knew a rock star. They might not know that your parents went on a wild safari in Africa. They might not believe you if you tell them, either. By making family memorabilia, you’re giving yourself a way to make sure that you immortalize the best moments of your life with your family.

There’s something to be said about sharing those memories with others. It’s awesome being able to see people’s eyes light up at the stories you tell and watch them pay rapt attention as you tell the most fascinating stories of your life to them. Having illustrations, in the form of photos or a beloved family quilt, can make the experience even more magical.

Finally, it’s a way of telling the world that you care.

Atrium Acrylic by MyPhoto

Having photos of people you care about displayed around your home is a major statement. The photos you have around your home show who you care about, and also highlight emotional moments in your life. Those photos don’t just show your family history, though.

One key thing people tend to miss is the fact that they show that you care enough to make an effort to keep those memories alive. It takes a lot of time to patch together a family quilt or compile a family cookbook or create a family photo album. The great thing about getting photos made into something physical from a place like MyPhoto is that it shows that you care about your family, your history, and being able to connect with others, yet it’s so easy to do.

The photos that you take also can act as a way to show that you have people around you that care. The fact that you’ve made so many memories and choose to surround yourself with those memories is a serious “feel good” moment. Those photos act as a strong reminder that people in your life care about you—and that’s a profound thought, if you think about it.

To a point, that’s the beauty of having photos and memorabilia focused on your family. It’s an act of love. Every bit of family memorabilia, be it a photo or a cookbook, tells the world, “I love these people, and they love me back.”

If you ask us, that’s one of the best reasons out there to keep your family’s memories alive. Memories are beautiful—and so is the love that creates them. Make your memories online today on MyPhoto's website.


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