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10 Made-for-TV Christmas Movies You'll Want to Watch Again This Year!

10 Made-for-TV Christmas Movies You'll Want to Watch Again This Year!

By Aria Amanda KreuzPublished 2 years ago 10 min read
10 Made-for-TV Christmas Movies You'll Want to Watch Again This Year!
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Each year Christmas connoisseurs scavenge their favorite television networks searching for the perfect Christmas movies. And every single year networks like Hallmark and UpTV never fail to disappoint. While the prospect of a new Christmas movie is always exciting, there are some movies that every Christmas lover should watch again and again. Here are my top 10 made-for-television Christmas movies that are hard not to watch over and over again each and every year!

1. A Christmas Wish

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

This mirable gem of a Christmas movie is sure to warm your heart and ignite your Christmas spirit. Single mother Martha (Kristy Swanson) finds herself and her children destitute right before Christmas when her flighty husband Cal (Bart Johnson) decides he has better things to do than care for his family. Martha gathers the courage and hits the road to find a better life for her children and herself.

She finds herself in an unfamiliar town and is reduced to begging for help from a diner owner. She's in luck but it fluctuates as she struggles to fend for herself and the children as Christmas approaches. Restaurant owner Trudy (Tess Harper) gives Martha a chance and their friendship blooms as they work together.

Meanwhile, an unlikely relationship develops between cantankerous and capricious diner patron Les (Edward Herrmann) and Martha's stepson Miles (Kevin Herring III) when Les overhears that the boy has been bullied at school. He gives him advice on how to handle the bullies which results in quite possibly the best part of the movie.

As Cal resurfaces and threatens to deter their plans, Martha is forced to put her faith in her very first prayer to God to not lose Miles. Ultimately, the town rallies together to formulate a plan to welcome Martha and the kids to town and give them a Christmas they'll never forget.

As with most Christmas movies, a happy ending is in sight but I won't give it all away. You can watch A Christmas Wish on Prime Video for free. You can also rent it or buy it on both Vudu and YouTube. The resiliency of the children and the love that blossoms will fill your heart with hope and give you those Christmas feels.

2. Christmas Magic

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

The title of this movie says it all. If you're looking for your Christmas magic fix then look no further than Christmas Magic starring Lindy Booth as Carrie. She faces the biggest dilemma, will she stay on earth or cross over and go into the light? She's given her final task on earth which is to help a lonely widow Scott Walker (Paul McGillion) revamp his restaurant and find happiness again.

Things get confusing and painful when Carrie begins to realize how she wasted her life chasing the wrong things. She's falling in love with Scott and his daughter Abby (Kiara Glasco). She turns to her guardian angel Henry (Derek McGrath) for answers but knows she may have missed her chance for love.

No matter how many times I watch this movie, I always cry. I know what's going to happen, I've seen it a million times but it is a tear-jerker every single time, but in a good way. The ending is my favorite part and I'm willing to bet it will be yours too!

Christmas Magic is available on Amazon in a Christmas powerhouse 4 pack of movies on DVD including Cancel Christmas, The Santa Suit, and Mistletoe Over Manhattan for $9.99 and you will love them all!

3. Lucky Christmas

New York Times

Nearly out of work single mother, Holly (Elizabeth Berkley) is elated when the lottery numbers she has played religiously finally win and the prize is a million dollars. She and her son will finally be able to move out of the room they rent in an elderly couple's attic. Problem is, she left her ticket in her car which was subsequently stolen.

Meanwhile Mike (Jason Gray-Stanford), a construction worker gets caught up in his knucklehead friend/coworker's scheme and is thrown into being involved in a stolen car. You guessed it, it's Holly's car. As he works on getting the car and lottery ticket back to Holly an undeniable connection emerges. Will it be able to survive the deceit of how these two were brought together? Well, you'll have to watch and see!

Hallmark will be revisiting and playing this movie on their channel on November 15, 2021, at 3 PM Central Standard Time. It's also available on AppleTV for $5.99 to watch on your phone or laptop and available on DVD from Amazon for $5.99 as well!

4. The Christmas Secret

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

If you are the type who believes in fate, this movie is right up your alley. Single mother Christine (Bethany Joy Lenz) loses her job when she stops to help someone in need and is late for work. It's the worst time ever because her crazy ex has been harassing her with CPS and pressure is mounting because Christmas is also right around the corner.

She never could have imagined that the person she helped the morning she lost her job would be her destiny. No, it's not a love interest, at least not in the romantic sense, it's even better. Her magical family heirloom will be the key to the life she and her children deserve.

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries will be playing The Christmas Secret on November 22, 2021, at 3:00 PM Central Standard Time. Prime Video also has The Christmas Secret available to rent for $2.99 with additional options to purchase.

5. Snow Globe

Rotten Tomatoes

This is by far my favorite performance from Christina Milian. She draws you in with her quirky yet down-to-earth personality and her dreams of the perfect Christmas. She plays Angela, a single woman working at her family's butcher shop. She enjoys working with her good friend but is lost and unsatisfied just wanting to have a perfect Christmas.

Her family stays busy renting the apartment down the hall to only eligible bachelors and using her apartment at their convenience. She escapes to another world where the perfect Christmas awaits her day after day. When part of her fantasy world pops up in real life she's faced with the task of explaining everything to her family when she's actually not even sure what in the world is going on.

She enlists her eligible bachelor neighbor Eddie (Josh Cooke) to help when these two worlds collide. Her family might just get their wish. As their forced fate would have it, he was their most recently screened single tenant. You can watch Snow Globe with premium subscriptions on Hulu, Disney+, Sling, and Fubo. There are also rental options on Amazon Prime Video.

6. The Christmas Card

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Speaking of fate, this incredible made-for-TV Christmas movie is unbelievably amazing. Fair warning, it's a tear-jerker. Mild and incredibly charming soldier, Cody (John Newton) heads to Nevada City when he is forced to take a break over the holidays. A lady named Faith (Alice Evans) had sent him a letter while he was stationed in Afghanistan. Before looking her up, he actually runs into her at a diner, and there are undeniable sparks from the beginning. The only problem is, Faith is already spoken for.

Faith and Cody become closer as he is hired to work by her father, who by the way can't get enough of Cody. Things get complicated when Faith's boyfriend gets jealous of their very obvious connection and decides to ask her to marry him to try and keep her. Love will prevail, but with whom? You'll have to watch and see!

The Christmas Card will be shown on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries on November 17, 2021, at 3 PM Central Standard Time. This movie is also available on subscription sites like fuboTV, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, and Philo. It can also be purchased or rented on Google Play and YouTube starting at $1.99 on each outlet.

7. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hallmark Channel

Newly retired police officer Ralph (Henry Winkler) must get over his discomfort of flying because he cannot miss Christmas with his niece, Jennifer (Brooke Burns). Her infectious smile will make the movie worth it in itself. Luckily, a fellow traveler, Morgan (Warren Christie) befriends Uncle Ralph at the airport and they bond over their time in first-class which Morgan so cleverly obtained for them.

Uncle Ralph is the uncle we all never knew we wished we had. He also has a firm belief that you cannot trust a man who wears 800 dollar shoes! His mischievous ways help Morgan get a few nights on the couch when his flight to Denver was canceled due to snow. Morgan just happens to be an excellent chef which is exactly what Jennifer needs this Christmas. As with all these Christmas movies, sparks fly and miracles ensue.

Hallmark will be playing this gem on Sunday, November 14, 2021, at 1:01 AM. The true hour for the hardcore Christmas fans. You can also watch on YouTube for free!

Link to Watch Free On YouTube

8. Dear Santa


As Crystal (Amy Acker) turns 30 years old, her parents have decided to cut her off financially. They'd assumed that she'd have made a life for herself by now outside of shopping and lattes. As she contemplates what to do next in life, a twist of fate leads her in a new direction. A letter to Santa literally flies right into her.

She soon finds herself volunteering in a soup kitchen close to Christmas when attempting to return a mitten to a little girl who dropped it. The cast of characters in the movie is precious. Olivia (Emma Duke) is the little girl who lost her mitten and the relationship that develops between Crystal and Olivia makes the movie extra special. Patrick Creery plays Pete a flamboyant chef at the soup kitchen. James Dugan plays Frank, a patron of the soup kitchen but one that refuses to come inside, he only takes his meals outside.

In true Christmas fashion Crystal and Olivia's dad Derek (David Haydn-Jones) hit it off but have to overcome many obstacles to see if they can make it together as a couple. This darling movie can be viewed on YouTube for free with the QR Code below!

Link to Dear Santa on YouTube

9. Moonlight and Mistletoe


If there was a title for Christmas Queen Candace Cameron Bure would certainly be a top contender. Not far behind would be Lacy Chabert, Alicia Witt, and Danica McKellar. But this one is Candace all the way and she will not disappoint.

Candace stars as Holly and she returns home to find her father Nick (Tom Arnold), in quite the predicament. Nick is the owner of Santaville, a magical place offering Christmas nostalgia all year round to visitors. However, times are not so great for the Christmas business and Holly is forced to return home from her busy job in the city to help her father when he sustains an injury.

Holly becomes reacquainted with a gentleman working at Santaville and feelings develop as they work together to try to save Santaville. Holly and Nick will overcome their frustrations with each other in true Christmas style to save the business so that the Christmas magic can continue for years to come. You can purchase this movie on DVD for as little as $2 used on Amazon!

10. A Season for Miracles


When Emilie (Carla Gugino) finds herself as the only hope for her niece and nephew who've become wards of the state due to her drug-addicted sister (Laura Dern), she's forced to take matters into her own hands. Little does she know she's getting assistance from an Angel (Patty Duke) along the way.

There seems to be no hope when she has car troubles and becomes a squatter in an unoccupied house in a town named Bethlehem. Deputy Howie (Scott Sowers) befriends Emilie when he stops to investigate her vehicle. Her fears slowly turn into miracles as she does any and everything she can to provide for the children this Christmas.

This movie is available to view with a subscription to Hallmark Movies Now on Amazon Prime!

I hope you will enjoy my top 10 picks of made-for-televison Christmas movies. Many times your local library will have copies of these movies available to check out, so be sure to check there to save yourself some money and enjoy a Christmas movie binge night or weekend. Happy watching!

Until Next Time,

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