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Your Personal Life: 7 Things You Shouldn't Tell Anyone


By Shahid AnwarPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Those two words, privacy and secret, play a very important role in your life. A privacy circle is one that is defined or set by oneself and by society at the same time. You must tell other people about a lot of things in your life, but there are also things that you must never divulge. In addition, it is important to set a person's privacy. It is compulsory for you to keep this private. Privacy saves you from distractions that can ruin your day.

Private life has many benefits

The biggest fear you face is being judged, and you know how important it is to override this fear. Your biggest fear is how you will face people whenever you decide to start hustling in order to achieve something. Your negative compliments begin to make fun of you and demoralize you.

This inner negativity demotivates you. As long as you start by yourself and keep your goals and hustle secret from others, you will not have to deal with this fear. All you have to do is tell them when you have finished.

It is important to keep your dark secrets private, so you tell them to your close friends (who you think are sincere to you). At that moment, you are unaware of how it will affect you if your trusted person tells someone else about it.

This isn't something you consider at the time. It is only when your secret is leaked that you realize this. You need to understand that once a secret is shared with someone, it no longer remains a secret. Your best friend is the best friend of someone else. Your friends may not be fake or dishonest if they keep certain things private.

1: Plan & Goals

Keeping your big plans and goals private is the very first thing that you need to do. Why should a person keep his plans and goals private seems like a big question to me. In the next few years, he must tell other people what he is trying to accomplish. However, there are very strong reasons to keep all of this stuff private.

By engin akyurt on Unsplash

It has already been discussed before that people start giving negative vibes when you share your goals and plans with them.Additionally, they tell you that you will never achieve your goal, which demoralizes you.

You are also demoralized by the fact that they tell you you are impossible to accomplish your goal. In the end, they convince you that what you are trying to accomplish is impossible. Therefore, you must keep your goals private as they use every trick they can to betray you and make you quit.

2: A bank account with money

Your income or savings in your bank should also be kept secret. Keeping this secret is important for a number of reasons. The very first reason is that when people find out that your bank amount is much higher than theirs, they get jealous.

As a result, negative people wish to rob you of it by any means necessary. It becomes a hanging sword for you when you start getting threats. These are just minor reasons for you to keep your money in the bank secret. But there are some security concerns that are much more serious.

People will always expect you to pay for party dinners if you have more money in your bank account than other people. They will consider you a boastful and proud person. They will feel that you are bragging about your wealth.

3: The Dark Secrets You Hold

In the introduction, we discussed this point in great detail. But in this step, we'll cover it in greater detail. Keeping your dark secrets private is the most important element. There are several reasons for this. First of all, your secret is only private until it is limited to you.

Sharing it with someone else makes it no longer secret. Now every time you have a hanging sword, what happens if your trusted person shares it with someone else.

4: Getting to know your life partner's secrets

Keeping your love life private is also very important for numerous reasons. The first reason is that it keeps your love life pure. You don't do something just for attention or fame. Keep your partner away from people and remain sincere to him/her.

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Additionally, it is not necessary for you to seek approval or opinions from other people in order to pick your life partner. You also believe that your life partner is not for an exhibition, but for you. Your relationship is based on pure love and sincerity and there is nothing unreal about it.

5: Strengths and Weaknesses

When you tell someone your weaknesses, you are cutting your own foot. When you tell people your weaknesses, you are letting them know where to attack you. Whenever you tell about your weaknesses, you are inviting people to harm you, because people are always looking for your weak points. It may seem comforting to share your weaknesses with someone, but this short-term relief is followed by an unending danger. Once a lot of damage has been done, you know what to do.

6: Taking Pride in Your Success

There are a lot of problems that start happening when you brag about your own success. What actually happens is that you work very silently and dream about your life once you achieve success. These are just sparks that add up in you as time goes on.

Once you achieve success, you become out of control. The success you have has forced you to preach it. But actually, as we mentioned earlier, you do not need to preach it. You just have to hustle properly. Success will tell people about itself once you hustle properly.

7: Kindness and good deeds

Your act of kindness and good deeds are the most important thing that you have to keep secret. This will help you stay true to yourself. A humble person is the real one. When you show off your good deeds, it becomes unreal.

This makes it seem as though you're trying to get attention. Additionally, people begin to assume that you are a show-off type of person. If you want to be humble, you must keep these types of acts a secret. It is not about how other people perceive you. By doing this, you are not being true to yourself at all.


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  • Joe Pattersonabout a year ago

    I agreed with all of this 100%

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