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With love, even poverty is warm as spring

by RuthValencia 4 months ago in teacher
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He helped his blind father to the beef noodle restaurant. He said loudly

With love, even poverty is warm as spring
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Where do you put your suffering?

In a slum in India, there were a pair of very unfortunate little brothers. Their mother died when they were very young, and their father spent his days either taking drugs or getting drunk, not caring about the brothers' lives. Later, to raise money for drugs, the father was sent to prison for stealing.

  After their father went to jail, the brothers went to collect garbage to survive. At first, they only picked up some leftovers to fill their stomachs, and only later learned to pick up some scrap and take it to the recycling.

  Whenever you sell garbage to get a little money, the brother either ran to a restaurant to eat and drink a meal or runs to an underground casino to gamble.

  The brother cherished the hard-earned money, saving every penny he could for tuition.

  As a result the brother a long time in the casino, drinking, fighting, and drug use, every day following a gang of punks stealing and robbing, and doing all bad things. The younger brother, on the other hand, studied hard, he went to school during the day to listen to the lessons, at night to work in restaurants, and hotels, and also learned to write articles.

  More than ten years later, the brother went to prison for robbery, drug addiction, and many other charges. The younger brother, however, became a well-known local writer.

  A reporter from a newspaper went to the prison to interview the brother. The reporter looked at him with a dejected look and asked, "What do you think has brought you to this point?"

  The brother said with great certainty, "Suffering! The hardships of my childhood are like a heavy stone that weighs heavily on my heart and makes me unable to lift my head."

  After interviewing the brother, the reporter went to interview the younger brother. The reporter asked, "Your brother said he went to prison because of the hardships in his life, what do you think made you achieve what you have today?"

  The brother said with great certainty, "The hardships of his childhood."

  The reporter asked in disbelief, "You grew up together, and the hardships of your childhood were the same, so why did your brother become a criminal, while you became an admired writer?"

  The brother said, "The hardships of our childhood were like a heavy stone weighing down on our hearts. The difference is that my brother always kept this stone in his heart, so he felt that he could not see the blue sky. I, on the other hand, have always kept this stone under my feet, and the hardships have become a stepping stone for me to move up in life."

   He helped his blind father to the beef noodle restaurant. He said loudly: two bowls of beef noodles! The clerk was about to open a ticket, and he suddenly shook his finger and pointed to his father in the distance and whispered: just one bowl of beef noodles, the other bowl is scallion noodles. The clerk agreed and brought the two bowls of noodles to them. The father fumbled with chopsticks in the bowl to explore and could not easily catch a piece of meat busy that piece of meat into his bowl. He did not stop his father's behavior, but silently accepted the beef, and then silently put the beef back into his father's bowl. Week after week, the father's bowl of beef slices seems to be never finished. The father exclaimed: this restaurant is generous, there are so many slices of beef in the noodles. The clerk was touched: it was just a few slices of meat, as thin as a cicada wing. He then hurriedly took the opportunity to say: Dad, you should eat, my bowl can not be filled.


  Eventually, the owner brought a plate of dry-cut beef to their table and said to a puzzled him, the store's anniversary, this is a gift. He smiled, picked up a few slices of meat, and put them in his father's bowl. After they left, the clerk suddenly screamed as he collected the bowls. It turned out that there were a few bills pressed under his bowl. The amount was exactly the price of a plate of dry-cut beef on the price list. (With love, even poverty is warm as spring.)



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