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Why Writing an Essay is Problematic for Most Students?

by Jasmin Mark 15 days ago in student

Why Writing an Essay is Problematic for Most Students?

Why Writing an Essay is Problematic for Most Students?

Ask any student on the campus about their fears, and you would be stunned by people chanting “essay writing” in response. Intriguingly, the phobia towards this process has been transferred from one generation to another. Most of the students lose their sleep and appetite because of the essay writing task, which specifies how horrific students find this process to be.

One valid question in this regard is why students find essay writing to be problematic in the first place. For an answer to this question, refer to the text provided below:

Lack of Time Resource

With the surge in tuition fees and living expenditure, the students of today are compelled to work part-time if they want to make their ends meet. This obligation consummates a lot of time on the clock, and they are left with little to no time to concentrate on academic responsibilities.

Also, academic responsibilities encompass both the learning and writing aspects. Since you cannot expect yourself to learn and write simultaneously in a constrained period, it is best to get essay help. These writing companies are home to expert professionals who have the knack to curate essay writing from scratch. Furthermore, these companies allow consumers to infuse their flair in writing by accommodating their customised specifications.

Inability to Conduct Research

Most of the students are not well-versed with the basics of researching process. Thus, they take more time than usual to search for factual details, which add further misery to their problems. They face a hard time collecting facts and figures, which eat up a major chunk of their time. In haste, they submit a mediocrely written essay which, later, pushes their academic performance on the lower end of spectrum.

Since they are new to the concept of plagiarism and the need to accommodate credible factual data, their ignorance often leads to incorporating bogus information in the essay. Again, this serves as a major backlash for the students, and they face a hard time recovering from it.

Poor Writing Proficiency

In case the students know how to search for facts, their hard work goes to vain due to their poor writing proficiency. They fail to express their ideas and elaborate on their concepts in an effective manner, which pushes their amassed quality content aside. In such a situation, it is highly recommended to seek writing assistance to avoid any detrimental effects on the scorecard.

Problems Meeting Deadline

If the student tries to meet all the requirements of researching, writing, editing, and proofreading, time usually runs out before he could complete the process. Since students are assigned multiple writing obligations at a time, it becomes toilsome for them to manage their timelines. To get around this problem, it is suggested to plot a Gantt chart so that the student can keep a tab on his activities. However, you can also consider hiring a custom writing service if you are not up for this extensive procedure.

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