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Why should children learn to cook?

The role of housework

By Flagler DanzigPublished 4 months ago 8 min read
Learn to cook

Why do you want your children to learn to cook? Don't underestimate the role of housework

Starting this fall, labor classes will become a separate subject in primary and secondary schools. The Compulsory Education Labor Curriculum Standards (2022 Edition), which covers domestic work such as cooking, has become a hot topic on the Internet for a while. Why can cooking become a grip of labor education? Is it feasible to teach children to cook? Let's take a look at this article by Ms. Yu Jie.

When I was in elementary school in the 1970s, my classmates and I planted a row of dwarf holly along the campus wall; when I was in junior high school in the 1980s, my classmates and I gathered around a wall of ruins and knocked on the soil; when I was in high school, I knocked on the soil again, and when we saw buildings being built on campus many years later, we were proud to say, "We did the groundwork, too! Many years later, when we saw buildings being built on campus, we were proud to say, "We did the groundwork.

At that time, there was no concept of "labor education", and labor seemed to be a natural part of the job. Sometimes when the area was not cleaned, the political director who inspected it would call the students on duty that day out of the classroom to make up the work, and the teachers who supervised the morning reading in the classroom did not think there was anything wrong with that. The students who made up for the sweeping rushed back to their seats with red faces to continue their morning reading.

I don't know when the campus hygiene was outsourced to a property company, but a group of men and women in overalls came to the campus and contracted to clean every corner of the campus, including the teachers' offices. The only area left for students to clean was the classroom.

The concept of "labor education" was reintroduced, but educators were left without a grip.

Students are busy with their studies and staff are busy with their work, so take-out and dine-out at the elderly's homes become natural. The word "busy" makes students' "labor" narrowly defined as "mental labor.

With the onset of the epidemic, many cities and towns had to "slow down," "quiet down," and "stop," with students taking online classes at home and parents supervising their children's online classes at home. In the morning, they go their separate ways, and in the evening they go home to eat dinner and go back to their respective rooms, and suddenly they become day by day, minute by minute, head to head, time suddenly slows down, and they finally get tired of each other.

Shandong Linyi, a home to accompany the child on three days of online classes of mothers angry to collapse and cry: "really can not stand it, a step can not keep up with ...... were the key eraser, key pencil, key book. I am a career woman myself, grasp the child learning is not relaxed, even the arts are grasping." I think the message emanated from this mother's big words: her child's labor education is not within her grasp. One parent laughed and said, "If we stay home and take online classes any longer, our mother-daughter bond will come to an end."

How to make the parent-child relationship harmonious and harmonious?

How to make the student's home life not monotonous and boring?

How to make the students not spend all day on the phone or computer?

How do you get students to have a sense of family responsibility on their shoulders?

How to make students feel fresh and accomplished every day?

How to resolve the negative psychological emotions caused by staying at home during the epidemic?

How do get parents out of the anxiety of focusing on their children's online classes? ......

When I think about it, there are only sports and chores. Sports are restricted by the venue, especially because some buildings are closed because of the close receiver, so you can only stay away from home, and the housework of sweeping and mopping cannot be done for a long time. The only thing I can do is cook.

Learn to cook

My students live in Huaqiao, a township right next to Shanghai. One parent sent me a video: "Teacher, my house is three meters away from the Shanghai border." Since February 14, from "grabbing" vegetables to cooking, from taking photos to sending photos, it has become normal life for my students and parents besides online classes. Every day, I set up an assignment in the parents' QQ group, asking parents to post photos taken during the day about their children's moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic development, especially photos of their children doing housework and cooking. I told the parents and students during the online class session.

Don't underestimate cooking, that's a way to coordinate.

To make a dish is to complete a process, whether it is messy or orderly depends on the ability to think before cooking and the ability to solve unexpected situations (such as when the dish is poured into the pot and bursts into flames). And learning is a thinking ability, the ability to coordinate, such as home to do homework, what to do first, then what to do, and then how to improve themselves after doing their homework. If you can cook, you can learn. Hua Luogeng has written a "co-ordination method", he boiled water to make tea as an example to improve the efficiency of the problem.

Do not underestimate cooking, that is a parent-child communication.

Many families have problems with communication, as long as the parents are over the children's learning, both sides are cold words or fire, a word slamming the door. The range of parent-child communication topics is pathetically small. It all boils down to "did you do your homework", "did you understand the lesson", "did you take the test", and "you have to be more serious or you won't get into school". But once the children start cooking, the common language and mutual dialogue become gentle and lovely. "Hurry up, the frying pan is smoking!" "Did you splash oil on your face?" "I feel like I'm going to break my face ......"

Don't underestimate cooking, it's a prestige builder.

Many of my student's parents have low diplomas because they left their homes early to work. It's easy for adolescent children to look down on their parents and think they're behind the times. But when it comes to cooking, many mothers and fathers regain their authority, a pair of clever hands flying up and down, pinching out fancy buns, dumplings, and cakes, children's eyes are straight, clumsy to follow, even if the parent's friendly ridicule, but also happy, even if the pinched out look ugly, but also to take a picture to deceive, if the pinch out very decent, it is really happy to shout.

Do not underestimate the cooking, that is a taste of home.

Many of my students were left-behind children across the country when they were young, their parents went out to work early, and the elderly or relatives accompanied them through their childhood until they were almost in junior high school when they were received by their parents to study on our side, but some parents fighting in the construction of subways or construction sites, long hours without coming home, and some parents came home tired and fell asleep.

The taste of home is very bland, and some parents say their children have no words. I remember a girl wrote in a daily note: "In fact, there is no need to rush home after school, walk slowly, because it is also dark to go back, there is no hint of the aroma of the meal." At that time read some tears, I emotionally wrote: "stay stomach stay heart" and "the best quality education at the table" for parents to read. A home is necessary every day to have the fireworks, dense with the delicious taste of the earth, that taste belongs exclusively to their own home. If children can cook from a young age, they will focus on creating the taste of home when they become a family in the future, just like the family style is passed down from generation to generation.

The aroma of the food is the best glue to bring the family's hearts together. One day when the child grows up and flies away like a kite, the thread that holds him or her is the taste of home.

Don't underestimate cooking, it's a kind of "I can do it".

Many children are battered in their studies. Grades seem to be a bottomless pit, eating up the self-confidence of many children. We find that children are smiling less and less and frowning at a young age. Heavy school bags make them hunch their backs and keep their heads down with their thoughts. Parental anxiety is an explosive barrel at the touch of a button, and the high decibel level of the fury coupled with the knife's mouth makes the children's self-confidence disappear.

But cooking is different, the ingredients, seasoning, and fire are all in their control, and color, flavor, and shape are their creativity, even if it is difficult to eat, but also by parents a meal praised by the delicious, plus take pictures to send friends to show the world how their children know how to do, parents finally did not just use the score single evaluation of their children. At that moment, smiles bloomed on the children's faces like a flower. "I can, I can, I'm great", full of confidence.

When I showed the students' cooking skills one by one through the online class sessions and the WeChat public website, the concentration of students and parents watching gave me a sense of accomplishment: this is how labor education got a grip. I can go to the kitchen and then to the hall.

Work makes life better.

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