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Why Online Learning Should Be a Consideration for High School Grads

Why Online Learning Should Be a Consideration for High School Grads

By andrewdeen14Published 2 years ago 3 min read
Why Online Learning Should Be a Consideration for High School Grads
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Once you’ve graduated from high school, what’s the next step? Getting a college degree is a good way to set yourself up for better earnings and a fulfilling career, but there are some drawbacks to getting a traditional degree.

Not only will you have to pay tuition costs (which can be higher for out-of-state students), but you might have to pay for room and board in an expensive area. These costs can put in-person college out of reach for many high school graduates.

One option to consider is getting an online degree. In the last few years, many schools have begun offering high-quality online programs that require no in-person attendance. Here’s why online learning can be a great choice for high school grads who want to continue their education.

Online Degrees are Extremely Convenient

Let’s start with the obvious: 78% of students say they love the convenience of online classes. You can attend class from the comfort of home. You don’t have to get dressed up for school or wake up early to factor in your commute to school.

Online learning can save you a lot of time because you won’t have to travel to and from class. That will give you more time for other things, like work, hobbies, and studying.

You’ll Save on Housing and Transportation

If there’s a school you want to attend that isn’t within a short drive of your house, you’re probably going to end up spending a lot on moving costs and housing if you decide to move on or close to campus. If you’re close enough to drive, you’ll still spend a lot on gas and lots of time behind the wheel.

Attending school online means you can choose to live anywhere. If you’re still living with family, that could save you tons of money as you earn your degree. Even if you live on your own, you can live somewhere more affordable and avoid the cost of on-campus housing or parking.

Learning Online is Flexible

If you want to work while you go to school, or you have other responsibilities, an online degree program could be the perfect solution. The flexibility of online learning will allow you to manage your schedule and accommodate a part-time or full-time job. For some classes, you might not have to attend “live” classes at all!

You Can Learn at Your Own Pace

Whether you’re interested in getting your degree by attending classes part-time or you want to take a full course load each semester, it’s up to you how quickly you move through your degree requirements. You can learn at your own pace and choose the schedule that works best for you. Some people want to finish their studies as quickly as possible, while others prefer more time to absorb the material and study for each class.

Attending Class Online is Safer

During the COVID-19 pandemic, education shifted online for health and safety reasons. It was just too risky to have students sitting close together in the classroom environment. With online learning, you don’t have to worry about contagious illnesses like COVID. You can collaborate with classmates without any safety concerns. This offers peace of mind, especially for those who are immunocompromised.

More Program Options

Have you had your eye on a certain degree program, but didn’t think you’d be able to enroll because you live out of state and don’t want to move? With online courses, you have a huge number of options for your university and degree program without having to move. This is especially helpful if you want to earn a niche degree that isn’t available at every university or attend a specific school.

Online Classes Tend to Be More Affordable

Tuition for online-only classes is often more affordable than it is for in-person instruction. Education is an investment, but there’s no reason to spend more money than you need to. The cost of a program shouldn’t be your only consideration, but it definitely matters! An online program from a respected school can be a great value.

Online Learning Offers a Great Education

Now that online degree programs have become much more common, their quality has increased tremendously. You’ll still get a great education with an online degree while enjoying all of the benefits listed above. Your online degree will help you prepare for your career and your future.

Taking the next step in your education and career path has never been more flexible. An online degree makes sense on so many levels and can help you work toward your biggest dreams and goals!


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