Why Creative Learning Is the Best Education

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School culture is archaic.

Why Creative Learning Is the Best Education

Humans are not meant to sit down in a classroom and consume information, expected to be able to retain it fully and to understand it intuitively. Yet everything is set up that way, and that is why many students find themselves at academic disadvantages. Our brains just don't work like that. We tend to soak things up better when we are 'under the influence' of something, like a drug. We are better at transferring information into solid knowledge when it actually reshapes our brains, and that is exactly what a drug does. Using this logic, drugs are actually good for you. They make you think differently. We could have the same results without drugs only if we made the school experience kind of like taking drugs, providing brain-reforming experiences so that you can get some skills and progress in the things you like.

Creativity is the best way to do this because it has neural effects on the structure of the brain, and therefore enables the expansion of its capacity for learning and critical thought. Drawing, music, sculpture, writing, it could be anything really, as long as it has works in a classroom environment and engages people with no pressure. Really what we are talking about is consciousness expansion. So what if class was more creative? We should give the opportunity to students and kids alike to express themselves more freely and to think for themselves instead of cram all these words into their already-overwhelmed mental state. We are actually doing the opposite of this by depriving everybody of their individuality and conditioning them to be characterless drones with no sense of curiosity for the unknown. Instead, everything's a chore, from putting on your uniform in the morning to trying to make time pass faster by checking your phone in class. It's pointless. It's disgusting actually to think how many people are like this now because of the establishment's idea of what education is. Education is literally like taking acid. You are changing your perspective of yourself and the world, you are becoming a higher conscious version of yourself. But all schools do the opposite of this, therefore reducing awareness in younger students and reducing passion in older ones. The solution is that school needs to be like drugs. It needs to screw with your mind and make you think instead of you being a passive existence waiting for the end. The end being that piece of paper you get, not the vital experience you've been trying to make along the way. Dulled, jaded teachers waiting for their paycheck and collectively shared complacency; this is why the future doesn't look so good for people who believe in standardized education.

Schools notoriously care more about their image instead of solving real problems in their own institutions. So many students are affected because the higher-ups couldn't care less, instead they throw the kids out instead of realizing that their schools breed this nihilistic behavior. They also breed violence, drug use, bullying, and lots of other dark things in human nature. They provide the environment to let those things flourish, and they do because they refuse to teach real human nature. Instead it's all about the empty words, the empty agenda, essence-less and lifeless. It's all a show really. But if you went to school one day and you came back home a different person, that would be extremely positive, because what had transpired that day has made you think, it literally had an effect on your brain, your consciousness. That's not how it is now, and if we continue this way the quality of human beings will degrade and continue to degrade like it is now.

Stay in drugs, don't do school. At least until school becomes drugs.

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