Why College Is Hard

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There are a lot of Seniors in High School that think that when they are done with school and receive their diploma, their life is going to be a lot easier. Also, some people might think that it will be easier because their parents are not there, and don't have anyone to bother or boss them around. Another reason why they are excited about college is that they can go to dorm shopping, and make their dorm look artsy.

Well, someone has to tell you the truth. College is hard. People might be optimistic at the beginning of the school year since they accomplished High School in four years. Well, it is not easy. There are three reasons why. You are alone, you can get kicked out for bad grades, and stressed.

You are alone.

What I mean by that is that you don't have anyone to boss you around. Since there is no one to do that, you have the option to go to class, do homework, or even study for a test. There are statistics that say that Freshman year of college is hard since you have to make the choices in life. Whether to eat healthily? Whether to go to class? I had a lot of friends that had depression because they were away from their family, and missed their family. I also have some people that go back home. But Sophomore year will be a lot easier.

You can get kicked out for bad grades.

I know that some colleges can be different, but you have three warnings. First is an academic warning. This is when your GPA is lower than 2.0. During an academic warning, you have to go to class guidance. During that class, you will learn how to get better grades, and how to get help with your classes. Second is academic probation. This is when you score lower than 2.0 again. This is considered as your last warning before a suspension. This is when people start freaking about whether they are going to make it, and they drop out. But you have another chance before you are suspended, so I think that you should work harder. The third is the academic suspension. This is when you have to take a semester off and then come back again next semester. I think this is a good idea because you need to be stress-free before you come back to school. Also, this will help you review all the things that you need to know before coming back. I honestly don't know what happens when you fail again after suspension, but you probably get kicked out. This is not to stress you out or make you worry about college, but this is just a head's up.


Ah, something that you guys probably already know. This is something that is always following you around. You probably had stress in High School, so you probably know how to deal with it. A lot of ways people get rid of it is stress eating. Which is not good cause you could get Freshman 15. Some of the ways that I became stress-free is that I meditated, rested for a few minutes, or just went out for a walk.

I hope that all of you guys reading will be able to learn from what I was talking about. I know I said a lot of negative stuff here, but there are a lot of positive things that happen in college. I hope that you guys can learn from my mistakes because I made a lot, trust me.

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