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Why are there so many successful dropouts?

by John Tasci about a month ago in degree

Unveiling the secrets of dropouts and how they manage to be successful in a world where we believe college is the only way to make money.

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Go to school -> Get good grades -> Get a job -> Pay off the debt -> Retire at 65 -> Live your life

You're most likely going to be living this life as a college graduate. The analogy of going to college to be successful is a complete myth.

To be successful, you have to learn about money. The one thing school doesn't teach. If you teach yourself how money and business work then you'll already be ahead of 99% of people.

Then you will have to actually do something to get out of the rat race. You're not going to get there only by studying.

Studying is only going to get you so far. You can study about business and still fail. It's how you respond to those failures that matter.

In school you're asked to study, then get a grade for your performance. If you fail, there is no second chance to study or learn from your mistakes. You have no other option, but to move on to the next section which requires you to know the last section. So, now you have to study both the last section and the current section.

This creates a lot of stress for students. On top of that, most of the things you studied are not in the test.

So, why even go to school, if you can't keep up? This is why dropouts are successful. They focus on their goals and fight to achieve them. Their goal is not to get an A, but to actually make money.

Before you say, "I don't care about money." Then I advise you to leave college, sit on the streets, and sleep on the ground every day.

Money is important, stop denying it. It is proven that more money causes more happiness. Wouldn't you like to wake up in the morning and say, "I don't have to go to work. I could do whatever I want."

This is the goal of dropouts. They make change and get their money game right. There #1 advantage is not occuring any debt.

Let's begin why dropouts are successful.

No Debt

This is a big deal. The average student loan debt is $35,000, but with housing and living expenses we can see an average student spend $100,000 over the span of 4 years!

That's a lot of money you owe in the future, but if you choose not to attend college then you will have 0 debt and the freedom to start making money.

Start Making Money

You can make good money starting at 18 years old. You will have a 4 year advantage over students who decided to go to college.

Companies like Whole Foods and Amazon pay starting $15 for entry level jobs that anyone can do. So, for 40 hours a week you will be working and then you still have time to do side gigs with guaranteed money.

Best side gigs with guaranteed money:

  • Uber
  • Uber Eats
  • Doordash
  • Postmates
  • Freelancing
  • Selling on online marketplaces

These will almost guarantee extra cash + your job. You can expect to make over $1000 a week.

$1000 x 52 x 4 = $208,000 over the span of 4 years.

You can also choose to learn skills instead of doing the side gigs so you can apply for a better job and make more money.

With $208,000 you can buy a house, several cars, investment properties, stocks, and much more! 200k is a lot of money for a 22 year old!

Self Educate

Successful dropouts educate themselves. You too can educate yourself through online courses, mentors, coaching, and our best friend Google!

The possibility is endless for what you can learn through outline. Whatever you want to learn, just type it, and you shall see. You're currently educating yourself about dropouts because of Google.

There are many skills to learn that make money including: stock investing, real estate, online business, coding, etc..

It's very important to self-educate and this is something successful dropouts do very well!


You have the freedom to do whatever you want. You don't have to go to classes, test, lectures, or have to worry about school at all.

You control your options in life and what you're going to do next when you're a dropout.


Successful dropouts build their network like crazy. They're always meeting new people. The greatest resource in life is the people you know.

The people around you build your reputation. The people around you help you be successful.

They can help you get a loan, hire people, get fit, run a successful company, and anything else.

Think about networking with others as having someone to hold your back and help you out. They will help you network with their network which will grow and become your network. Then you will be introduced to their network which the people you know by grow dramatically.

Now you have more friends, but these friends also help you out through out your career. Isn't that awesome?

Networking should be done by everyone if they really want to succeed!


Successful dropouts are all around us, but that doesn't mean every dropout is successful. These are the common traits that successful dropouts have.

Successful dropouts are deemed as entrepreneurs because they're self made. Even if you didn't start a business, getting a job without a college degree is pretty impressive.

Then most decide to move onto business and investing. Why so? Because dropouts are self-educators. They don't stop learning and taking action. So, when they learn about more ways to make money then they will gladly jump in and take the risks.

These are the reasons why there are so many successful dropouts!

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John Tasci
John Tasci
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