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When women reach middle age, their physiological needs will be stronger than men?

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By GaoyunkngPublished 7 months ago 4 min read

The most fundamental human wants are physiological, including the need to sleep, the need to drink water when thirsty, the urge to dress warmly, etc. The physiological needs brought on by reproduction follow these as the most fundamental.

For female companions, it typically begins around the age of fifteen and includes physiological reactions as well as curiosity about some uncharted territory. Our physical requirements steadily decrease as we age. Nonetheless, some claim that as women become older, their physiological needs will increase. Is this a fact?

How do biological needs arise?

Physiological needs are human nature. They are controlled by hormones secreted in the body. They are a normal physiological phenomenon and have a lot to do with the external environment and knowledge structure. Some normal biological needs are normal behaviors that some people need to alleviate and others choose to ignore.

The existence of biological needs is to prevent the extinction of human beings, so don't discriminate against and hate them. This is not just a physical need, but also an expression of wanting to be loved as a person.

Generally speaking, physiological needs mainly refer to the primary needs of human beings, including breathing needs, food needs, drinking water needs, clothing needs, sleep needs, sexual needs, etc., and now specifically refer to the sexual needs of men and women.

When women reach middle age, their physiological needs will be stronger than men?

It is impossible to generalize about the intensity of physiological desire because it depends on a variety of physiological, psychological, and environmental factors. Some individuals believe that women in their middle age have more intense physical cravings than males. Some middle-aged women may really have stronger cravings, according to some research.

A woman's estrogen and progesterone levels fall throughout menopause, which may cause her libido to decline. But in general, after menopause, a woman's libido progressively rises with age and reaches its peak in middle age.

This is due to the fact that women's sex hormone levels fluctuate depending on their menstrual cycle and aging, and some women may even have a second orgasm after menopause. According to the supposedly 30% wolves and 40% tigers.

Extension: How to have a harmonious relationship between husband and wife?

1. Improve communications

The main goal of husband and wife activities is to make both people happier, and effective communication is crucial to a happy marriage. It is simple for the two parties to create misconceptions and significantly lower the sense of experience if the communication is delayed.

In order to avoid miscommunication and hurt, you must be brave enough to openly explain your demands and discomfort to your partner and establish a balance between the two while showing respect for them.

2. Maintain a quiet and comfortable environment

Maintaining a clean and comfortable environment can improve the experience for both spouses. Clean sheets must be prepared before sexual activities to create a quiet and romantic atmosphere, so that both parties can better enter the state, and avoid the problem of decreased libido caused by the interference of various unfavorable factors.

3. Maintain emotional stability

If you want to effectively improve the quality of life of your husband and wife, you should make full preparations, especially the emotional preparation before sex is particularly important. Many people do not pay attention to this problem and directly enter the process, which may make women unable to adapt.

In order to make each other happier, foreplay should be done first, such as kissing or intimate relationship to enhance the relationship between each other. And through these intimate actions can stimulate the secretion of hormones in the body, sex life with high hormone levels will greatly improve the sense of happiness.

4. Understand the opponent’s minefields

Everyone has their own bottom line and their own principles. When the other party touches their own principles, even the closest couple will have a rift. Therefore, if you want to maintain a stable relationship for a long time, you must know where the opponent's minefield is and where the opponent's bottom line is.

Only in this way can we avoid touching the bottom line of the other party intentionally or unintentionally in daily life and avoid causing conflicts. Also, don't be arrogant in marriage, love is not a substitute for anything, nor is it a gold medal to avoid death.


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