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What Will the Future of Colleges Look Like?

For the last century, the college experience has been more or less the same. Students select majors, look for schools, purchase books, go for lectures, write articles, take tests, receive grades, graduate, and work to pay off their debts.

By Keran MourningPublished 4 years ago 6 min read

College has been the ideal pathway to a job for many years. However, as costs continue to increase, and the number of graduates finding work decreases, many students start wondering what the real value of a college education is.

Many learning institutions charge students a lot of money to offer them skills, which they can learn or get from the internet. And, this will perhaps not be a practical long-term financial model. Nowadays, knowledge is like a commodity. People can get it with ease, as it is inexpensive and available to everyone. But, most people are not willing to pay for it. Thus, various changes are taking place to ensure that the future of college looks better and ideal for many people. These changes ought to show that back to the future free online college education takes a new direction as the ones below.

A focus on skills, not semesters

Today, people measure or determine the success of college students in credit hours. The time they spend in classrooms, reading, and studying, going to lectures, and taking tests, all with the hope of getting good results. However, all these credit hours do not warrant that students learn anything pertinent in the workplace. Also, hiring managers are aware of this.

Many employers often state that several job applicants lack communication and interpersonal skills. They can do well in calculus tests. However, they cannot detect or solve problems on the job, lead a meeting, or negotiate anything. For future college students, these skills will be the gauge for learning, not how many credit hours they have. So, colleges should focus on imparting these skills to students.

Smart time management for students

How students use and manage their time is the same in most colleges and universities. The majority spend it on enjoying themselves, and leave their assignments for last minute. Additionally, professors bombard them with several academic writing tasks, which they are unable to deliver within the set deadlines. Hence, this leaves many students receiving bad grades. Some opt to seek paper writing help from custom essay writing services from them which they benefit a lot.

But, this is not the trend students have to use for the next coming years. There need to be some changes to ensure that they can manage their time well, as well as get to relax and enjoy themselves. To ensure so, assignments need to be online.

A hybrid or mixed degree

One of the most dominant fears in academics is that online college education will replace physical learning institutions and professors. In the short-run, it is dubious to happen. Students embrace the value of the exposure to new people and ideas, as well as building a network of valuable connections. However, they will not attend college for four years. They can cover introductory courses fast through boot camps or colossal open online classes.

Once they have this information, students can come to physical institutions for more experimental learning, which they cannot receive online.

College for life, rather than just four years

College life should not be for a few years, but rather a lifetime. Students do not need to go to school only for learning purposes. They need to have the opportunity to associate with other students, as well as get to build their social networks. Learning in such a system grants easy entry and exit points. Additionally, it showcases the new look of future college where students can take their courses face-to-face or online. Also, you can do your undergraduate degree or six-month master’s degree online without worrying about anything.

A network of advisors and coaches for a career

It is hard for college to come to an end, as well as the critical directing function, which colleges offer to students. The future online learning system should have a scenario where virtual tutors and artificial intelligence assist in advising students on how to select courses, navigate challenging classes, and look for ideal career options. Students need to have a directing or advising board, which incorporates an evolving network of mentors and peers both in virtual and personal means. This board will assist graduates throughout a lifespan of scholastic and professional opportunities.

The end of the lectures

Many people often wonder where educators come into play in the future’s learning world. Well, students do not need to have a person in front of them to learn something new. Having a project-based learning environment is the way to go in future education. It comprises a small group of students, and a teacher acting as a guide. Such a learning environment is efficient in education, as it focuses on mentorship skills. An example of such a learning environment is Blend College.

Everything online

While in college, students have to purchase many books. This is because it is hard to obtain all the information they need in a particular book. Additionally, they need to gather sufficient evidence from numerous credible and reliable sources. However, going with these books to and from school on a day-to-day basis is not healthy. It can lead to body aches. But the future of college will not consist of these books. Everything will be found online. Whether it is the future learning courses they wish to pursue or books they need to use for studying, they can find them online.

Smart check of home tasks

When handling your college academic assignments, you are apt to forget about some. But, with the changes in college education, you will not. The future of college education consists of a means through which students can be aware of all their home tasks. They can check all their pending assignments online, their deadlines, as well as what other possible tasks they need to work on.

Electronic diploma with all grades

The future of college education also consists of an electronic diploma where students can view all their grades. Students do not have to wait for their professors to give them or post their results online. They can access them online after they are through with their tests and exams.

In conclusion, the trend in learning institutions has been the same for many years. Many students have had their college experiences in a similar manner. However, this needs to change. They do not need to rely on their professors or educators to learn something new or purchase many books to get the information they need. The future of college education shows that students will enjoy their college lives as well as study without pressure. Above are some of the ways through which the future of college education will look different.


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