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What is the reason PMP Certification is so tricky?

Although PMBOK Guide is a good starting point, PMBOK Guide is sufficient for exam preparation, PMP certification exam examination requires other reliable learning resources, such as case studies and mock tests, and more.

By varunsnghPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

There are many reasons that the whole campaign needs to be challenging enough for candidates. Let's look at some of them:

PMP Eligibility Criteria

The requirements for obtaining PMP certification is quite complex. The criteria for eligibility to receive PMP certification is very detailed and assesses the ability of the applicant at three levels. First, there are the academic qualifications, followed by an experience of Project Management experience and in the final phase, the required 35 hours of Project Management education. Although the education requirements and the mandatory thirty-five hours Project Management education are not necessarily a problem in its own. The education qualification is the requirement of either a four-year degree or a high school diploma. The 35 hours of training are obtained through an PMI certified training partner the PMP certification training such as Invensis Learning. The problem is in providing proof of three years of Project Management experience in the case of a four-year degree or sixty months Project Management experience, for those with a high school diploma. Candidates often are unable to prove their experiences or are unable to record the experience in the correct timeframes for an audit during the process of applying.

PMP Exam Format

This PMP exam structure is an obstacle to overcome in current times. The new exam format includes 180 multiple-choice, hotspot, fill-in-the-blanks questions in the closed book environment. The duration of 300 minutes and a significant amount of pressure to pass the exam on the first attempt can be a strain on participants. This is the reason why a lot of people fail to get the exam and earn their Exam for the PMP certification in the first try. Many believe that passing the PMP is simple, but the reality is actually the opposite. It takes plenty of practice and commitment to pass the exam in the first attempt.

PMP Syllabus

In the wake of the changes made of this PMP online training exam at the beginning of January in 2021 the domains of the exam have been reduced from 5 to three i.e people, process as well as business environments. Each domain has 42% 50% and 8% percent of the questions that are included in the PMP certification exam. Introduction of an hybrid or agile method of Project Management in the PMP certification exam is also an immense challenge to the hopefuls who need to be familiar with the agile method of Project Management. In addition it is worth noting that the tasks have been cut to 35 instead of 42 and the concept called enablers was introduced into the PMP certification exam. Thus, the exam increased in difficulty but also rewarding, as the candidates will be aware of agile principles and methodologies at the conclusion this certification.

Lack of Learning Resources

Although PMBOK Guide is a good starting point, PMBOK Guide is sufficient for exam preparation, PMP training in Bangalore exam examination requires other reliable learning resources, such as cases studies and mock tests, and more. Many people do not take advantage of the chance to prepare for the exam before the test and end up failing badly.

The lack of planning and execution

The main reasons why people fail their PMP certification exam in spite of having taken care of all the above factors is Lack of plan and execution . This is in fact the main reason for why PMP certification extremely difficult to obtain. PMP certification It is essential for the applicant to make a plan of their preparation in advance and follow it strictly so that they can gain the benefits of the entire procedure. This involves analyzing oneself and performance, analyzing performance, improvement , and focusing on the end goal.Maintaining the PMP Credential

The fight doesn't end at the end of the road. In the majority of certifications within any area, once you've completed the exam, the exam is over. However, PMI makes sure that the applicant is current with the latest developments and trends in the area of Project Management. Thus, over the next three years, the candidate must keep 60 PDUs in order to maintain the certification.


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