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What are Data Structures and Algorithms? – Why You Should Learn them


By sandeshPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Although most graduates of bootcamps or self-taught individuals won't have a strong understanding of data structures and algorithms (DSA), they are an essential component of a computer science and engineering curriculum.

This blog will serve as an introduction to data structures and algorithms (DSA), particularly for those without previous formal training in the field.

Being an effective software developer requires mastering data structures and algorithms. Read on to learn more about DSA and its importance in the software development field.

What Are Data Structures and Algorithms?

One way to arrange data in a virtual system is by using a data structure. Consider well-defined data structures, such as tables of data or numerical sequences. The process by which a computer converts an input into a desired output is known as an algorithm.

Programmers and developers can create whatever type of computer programme they want by combining data structures and algorithms. Developing well-optimized, efficient code requires a thorough understanding of DSA.

Relationship Between Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA)

For various uses, there are numerous algorithms. They engage in similar computationally intensive interactions with various data structures. Imagine algorithms as dynamic supporting components interacting with static data structures.

Coding allows for flexible data expression. You can generalize across several programming languages once you comprehend how algorithms are created. In a way, it's similar to understanding the syntactic structure of a related family of languages. You can switch between the various programming languages more simply and learn each more quickly once you get a glimpse of the underlying principles that underpin them.

Common Data Structures and Algorithms

Across several programming languages, you'll encounter the following common data structures:

Linked lists





Hash tables

Search trees

Each has a different computing cost for the underlying data structure's associated operations, like adding items and determining aggregate measures like the mean. At Learnbay which offers the dsa syllabus, you can find a detailed explanation of DSA techniques.

Several typical categories of algorithms include:

Search, Sorting, Graph/tree traversing, Dynamic programming, Hashing and regex

Data Structures and Algorithms: How Do You Learn Them?

In order to understand the basic concepts underlying web development and programming, it's essential to understand data structures and algorithms thoroughly. (DSA)

Gradually advance to a programming language from HTML/CSS: Python is advantageous because it has a more elegant syntax than JavaScript and is adaptable to various programming paradigms. You'll eventually strive to create your own algorithms and data structures.

Learn about the difficulty of computation: Particularly Big O notation and the many time and space scales, including linear, polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic time scales that reflect the worst-case situations for your algorithms from input to output. Your algorithms' performance and anticipated computation times will vary significantly on these scales. While something exponential might never finish in time, something logarithmic might scale reasonably well with big data sets and inputs.

Recognize several sorts of data structures and algorithms: To better understand the topic, read about fundamental data structure and algorithm types.

Develop your skills through practicing: With various tasks, you may practice putting algorithmic ideas and real algorithms and data structures into practice. Create your own software.

Get training on the job: To best put your new knowledge to use, find work in software engineering or in a position that involves implementing DSA.

You can expand and apply your knowledge by grasping JavaScript's data structures and algorithms to a programming language with a slightly more complex syntax than Python.

Interview Questions on DSA

To qualify and sift through vast applicant pools, top companies and others looking to hire web developers and software engineers may ask questions about data structures and algorithms during the interview process.

One instance is the now-famous "whiteboard" interviews, in which candidates are required to draw out an algorithm manually and how it interacts with a data structure without using a computer.

Anyone applying for a position in software development should be ready for this kind of interview questions and be familiar with data structures and algorithms. If you are looking for resources to learn DSA, sign up for Learnbay's comprehensive DSA course, taught by industry tech leaders and get certified by IBM.


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