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Van Jones Net Worth: The Rise of a Social Justice Advocate

Van Jones Net Worth

By NET worthPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Are you curious about Van Jones net worth? As a social justice advocate, author, and commentator, Van Jones has made a name for himself in the United States as a champion of progressive policies and causes. In this article, we will explore his career trajectory, the organizations he has founded, and his current net worth.

Before we dive into the details, let's start with a brief introduction to who Van Jones is.

1. Introduction

Van Jones is a Yale-educated attorney who has dedicated his career to advancing social justice causes. He first gained national attention as a commentator on CNN, where he provided insightful commentary on political and social issues affecting America. In 2009, he served as an environmental advisor to President Barack Obama, where he helped to shape the administration's policies on green jobs and clean energy.

Jones has also authored several books, including "The Green Collar Economy" and "Beyond the Messy Truth," which explore the intersection of social justice and environmentalism. He has founded several organizations, including the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Dream Corps, which focus on criminal justice reform and social entrepreneurship.

Now that we've introduced Van Jones, let's explore his career in more detail.

2. Early Career

Jones began his career as an attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he worked on police brutality and environmental justice issues. In 1996, he founded the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, which focuses on criminal justice reform and advocating for the rights of marginalized communities.

3. Media Career

In 2013, Jones joined CNN as a commentator, where he quickly became a leading voice on issues such as race relations, climate change, and income inequality. He also hosted his own show, "The Messy Truth with Van Jones," which explored political and social issues in America.

4. White House Advisor

In 2009, Jones was appointed by President Barack Obama to be an environmental advisor, where he played a key role in shaping the administration's policies on green jobs and clean energy. He left the position in 2010 amid controversy over past statements he had made regarding Republicans and the 9/11 attacks.

5. Dream Corps

In 2014, Jones founded Dream Corps, an organization that promotes social entrepreneurship and criminal justice reform. The organization has launched several initiatives, including #cut50, which aims to reduce the U.S. prison population by 50%, and Green For All, which advocates for clean energy jobs in low-income communities.

6. Books

Jones has authored several books on social justice and environmentalism. His first book, "The Green Collar Economy," was a New York Times bestseller that explored the potential for green jobs to create economic opportunities in low-income communities. His most recent book, "Beyond the Messy Truth," explores the challenges facing America and offers a path forward for progressive politics.

7. Awards and Honors

Jones has received numerous awards and honors for his work on social ok. justice issues, including the NAACP President's Award, the Webby Special Achievement Award, and the Puffin/Nation Prize for Creative Citizenship. In 2017, he was named a visiting fellow at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

8. Van Jones Net Worth

Now, let's get to the question that brought you here - what is Van Jones' net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jones' net worth is estimated to be $5 million. His income comes from his work as a commentator, author, and founder of several organizations.

9. Personal Life

Jones was born in Jackson, Tennessee in 1968 and grew up in


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