University Life

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Second edition

University Life
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Hey everyone !

Week 5 has just ended and I have already handed in my arithmetic assignment. We were set a lab report to write for chemistry and we have an exam next week (still for chemistry), so I have been quite busy, which Is why I haven’t written anything since my first article.

So here I am again, 6 days until Halloween, giving you other tips which I have found useful especially, after having been given all these assignments together.

Tip # 1

Go to bed at a decent time. Having fun is one thing, but you have to get some sleep in, to give your brain a rest. The Centres for Disease Control and prevention, also known as CDC recommend 8-10 hours of sleep for teenagers and 7 hours of sleep for 18-60-year-olds.

This is because your body, as well as your brain, need sleep to function properly.

An example of this would be your circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm can influence your sleep-wake cycle, as well as your bodily temperature, your hormone release, your eating habits and digestion and other important bodily functions.

Another example of this would be to reach your REM cycle, which is when your brain takes the new information you have learned and transfers it into your long term memory.

One way of being able to go to bed earlier is to unplug all electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime and do some reading in bed, dim the lights, and get in bed. This will help you get sleepier quicker. Remember to set an alarm for the morning at the time you want to get up. Preferably between 8-9 am, depending on what time you fall asleep.

Tip # 2

According to studies, writing your notes with a blue inked pen is linked with higher memory retention. This is because people see colour before anything else. Colours are linked to emotional, physical and cognitive effects. Studies with people with Alzheimer’s disease have shown that their memory improved when using coloured cues.

The colour blue is used especially when the subject you are learning is difficult to grasp. Blue paper works just as well as blue ink. Although blue paper is best used when you have to review information and blue ink is used to improve reading comprehension.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, colours are often used when studying and teaching, as it is beneficial In children’s memory, performance and concentration.

A couple of examples are the colour orange and the colour red.

The colour orange is associated with mood-lifting and therefore helps students feel comfortable, which in turn makes the brain’s functions improve.

The colour red screams ATTENTION! This is why when we are driving and see a red sign, we pay attention to it, as it usually means danger is near. Red helps students remember facts and figures. Although red has been proven to be helpful when it comes to figures and facts, do not overuse it.

Tip # 3

Another tip is to learn when to not go on a night out. Going on nights out with friends/boyfriend/girlfriends… can be nice, but if you feel you do not have the time, you probably don’t. Whether you have an early lecture the next day, or an assignment you really need to finish, or just don’t feel like it, you have to learn to say no.

At the end of the day, going to University is fun, yes, but you need to learn how to divide your time up between fun activities and studying. These will inevitably be the best 3 or 4 years of your life, but going out every day to party, is not a good idea on the long run. There may be some exceptions to this rule. You may be someone who can go out all night AND get the best grades you can possibly get, but let’s face it, most of us cannot do that.

The better your final grade is, the more work opportunities you will get. The more job opportunities you get, the better your life will be. I am not saying your life will only depend on your job, but that’s how the money comes in.

Anyway, I will be back next week with another article (I hope). Hope you enjoyed it!


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