Understanding Students

by Murdo Searle 2 years ago in college

I'm revealing. Are YOU listening?

Understanding Students

In today's society, a student is considered, by some, nothing more than a young adult trying to elongate the idea of childhood by staying in education and avoiding as much responsibility as they can. Wrong! I, myself, am a student, and most of us students are trying harder than most adults have to nowadays. Go to lectures, get a job, look after yourself, eat properly, and my personal favorite, stop going out so much. We've all been told throughout school that going to university will help make us more employable. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's true, but I will let you know when I get the job I spent three years and a heck of a lot of money working for. Currently, I don't really have a job, and the opportunities are so bountiful. I mean I get the amazing choice of where I want to do bar work if it ever takes my fancy. Lucky me.

Don't get me wrong, I understand I'm a very lucky guy, but I'm writing this so that I may educate even one person to the fact that as fun as being a student is, it's also very daunting. Going to uni puts you on a stage where all the world is watching. Your family is front row with expectant faces. I mean, all they know is that now you've got a degree. You're a god! They adore you and are nothing short of proud of your accomplishment. Your friends are in the next row. Some secretly hoping you fail so they can say they are better than you, some judging your decisions as though they themselves are your parents, and some are just genuinely understanding as they, too, are in your position. I may have gained a degree, but the pressure to do well is increased terribly as a result. You have a degree. Why shouldn't you do well? Exactly. But if it was as easy as finishing university and getting your ideal occupation, the world would be a lot happier.

So for all you adults, parents, family, and friends, I say this: instead of expecting great things and perfectly thought out decisions, understand we, as students, are no different to you. We are just trying to survive whilst striving for happiness, so be patient with us. We WILL get there.

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