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Twelve Tips for the College Freshman

Welcome to an emotional rollercoaster. You're gonna love it!

By Raelynn DusenberyPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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I know there are hundreds of lists like this and they all offer different tips. The most important thing to remember though is everyone is going to have a different college experience and not all these tips apply to everyone, but they are the things the author has found helpful and would like to share. So I decided to share my tips with all y'all and I hope you enjoy.

1. Take it all in.

It may seem like hell when you go through the year, but just like your last days of high school, it will go by so fast and you'll want to remember the good times.

2. If you room with someone you know like I did, remember you are roommates first then best friends.

This took me a really long time to understand and it really doesn't make that much sense. Living with someone is a lot different than just seeing them every now and then. Your family is used to you and you them, but your friends weren't raised like you. They don't have the same habits that you do, and I don't just mean the way they do things. They show their emotions much differently than your siblings, and you can’t tackle them to get them out of a funk (yes, that is how my sister and I act but I never did that to my roommate.). Go out and do friend things but remember to give them the space they need and to let them know when you need yours.

3. Decorate your room.

This will help you feel more at home and more comfortable in your room, and it will look amazing!

4. Get involved.

There is so much to do on campus and if you do things you will make more friends and can connect with more people.

5. Take time for yourself.

Between classes, homework, events, and hanging out with friends, it will seem like you have absolutely no time, but remember to take some "me time." Even just a quick Sonic drink trip or a walk around campus is so refreshing sometimes.

6. Cherish time home.

You'll miss your home so much. When you head home for the weekend or for break, savor every moment. This is a huge adjustment for you and it’s so refreshing to go home.

7. Cherish time at school too.

No matter how much you miss home or are stressed with so much to do.

8. Call your parents.

Going to College is such an adjustment for you and you will need their words of advice so many times. It is also a huge adjustment for them too. Their child is now miles away "adulting" and they miss you too.

9. When you go home, spend time with old friends.

I don’t know why but I felt so bad the first time I pulled out of my driveway over winter break to go hang out with my two best friends. Over my first semester I was doing family stuff each time I had went home, so I never was able to hang out with them, but when I finally got a chance to see them, I felt so bad. I guess I felt obligated to spend every moment home, but even though you should spend time with your family, remember to make time for your friends too.

10. Only make time for people you want in your life.

High school is over. You don’t have to deal with any one’s bulls***, so don’t. Hang out with your true friends, don’t worry about being nice to that kid you knew in high school just because you didn’t want to start anything. It’s your life, spend it how you want.

11. Don’t act like a child.

You are an adult now. Act like it. Be nice to those you are around even if its your dumba** suitemate or your teacher. Everybody’s human, treat them decently, you don’t have to like them. Don’t throw a tantrum when you don’t get your way.

12. Never grow up.

Act like the adult you are now but never forget to get excited about the little things. Roommate wants to build a fort and watch a Disney movie? Hell yes! Best friend wants to gas up the car and take a drive? What are you waiting for? Remember to find joy in the little things!


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