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Top Qualities of Superlative Leadership

A graduate certificate in leadership helps one learn what makes for good leadership. New developments in leadership methodology and theory are emerging continually.

By Amara GomezPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Whether one is a seasoned CEO or simply landing one’s first management position, it is never the wrong time to brush up on the basic elements of leadership. Leadership is not just about ordering juniors to do certain things. Without leadership skills, one will not be able to motivate, engage and guide one’s team.

graduate certificate in leadership helps one learn what makes for good leadership. New developments in leadership methodology and theory are emerging continually. The one ever-lasting quotient in all these is the theory that leadership serves as the catalyst in which all elements of an organization function together.

Following are some key qualities of leaders that serve as a springboard for success:

  • Transparency

Transparent leaders are challenged less by those they supervise. Great leaders make use of transparency to help other persons embrace change. This can be achieved by a combination of using social media, arriving at consensus, sharing decision-making, informed debate,  and clear communication. Persons will know what caused a leader to take a specific decision and how they will be impacted. 

Transparent leaders are not self-obsessed; they take the blame for their failures and give credit to others when success occurs. One can learn this style of functioning in diploma project management.

  • Learning From Failure

A leader can be shaped by experiencing failure. It is a powerful tool for learning and teaches innovation, renewal, and survival. When one embraces failure, one can change and inspire others. Therefore, leaders must be willing to undertake risks and ready to experience failure so that great rewards are garnered. In the process, leaders can gain clear perspectives about persons and learn who they can trust.

  • Invest In Trust

One of the key principles of leadership is trust. Before, leadership was special and scarce, being a quality of only powerful persons. But the vertical model of leadership is less effective in modern days. Currently, success is gained by being able to join hands with persons over whom the leader has no power in order to pursue common goals.

In sum, a great leader does not focus on power but instead on the power of trust. Also, a leader is a trustee in any relationship; to be effective, he must be trustworthy and willing to invest in trust in other persons around them.

  • Confidence

A great leader exudes confidence. A leader who is not self-assured will not be followed by juniors. Most of the time, people can see through the façade of trumped-up confidence. Leaders who can articulate their goals and swear by their decisions are more effective than ones who attempt to mask their insecurities behind an arrogant attitude. Even in the face of failure, a good leader is able to trust their gut and undertake any decision. Leaders with a confident attitude are highly motivated, acknowledge success, welcome risks, create superior relationships, and are largely happy.

  • Decisiveness

Great leaders weigh decisions with much care, but when they make a decision, they are not easily led off track. This displays commitment that breeds consistency. Both these traits are rewarded well in the quality of leadership. Often, wrong decisions about trivial issues taken in a decisive mode tend to yield superior long-term results as opposed to wishy-washy decisions that are correct. Diploma project management helps one make decisions for the sake of projects.

  • Humility

This quality is vital to render leaders grounded and in connection with persons around them. One can gain the respect of employees by listening to them, having integrity, and being honest. This will be rewarded when it is time to make decisions. Great leaders have an open mind and are flexible to adjust to alternative methods and fresh ways of thinking. Though confidence is universally appreciated, humility helps develop an attractive persona, making others feel more comfortable with the leader.

  • Creativity

A leader will be faced with decisions that are unique to the business and need more thought than a canned solution. The leader will be looked up to by the team for innovative thinking. It will pay off for any leader to tap into former experiences and a treasure of new ideas. After all, innovation is critical for survival in the modern business world.

  • Communication

Good leadership begins with clear communication. For communication to be effective, it should be transparent, clear and customised as per the recipient. A good leader will devote time to finding which mode and style of communication work best for every team member. Through good communication, one can build rapport and trust and an atmosphere of shared accountability.

  • Know One’s People

Great leaders know their team better than anyone else- their weaknesses, strengths, motivating factors, etc. One must take time to know the team better, and one will know how to communicate with them and how to get things done.

  • Know One-Self

One must know not only one’s team but also oneself. Does one want to lead, inspire and motivate persons? One is not an authentic leader if one is into it for prestige or money alone. One will not have a good relationship with one’s team members.

In sum, the title of a manager will simply not make one a leader. Putting the above tips into practice can help make the best use of leadership status. A graduate certificate in leadership can also help one hone leadership skills.


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