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Top Five Tips to Help You Survive In College

by Rosa Chambers about a month ago in college

Effective Tips and Advice for Students to Survive in College.

College Students

Your college life can turn out to be exciting or dull, depending on how you approach the experience. During your college life, you will make great friends, learn a lot about who you are, and graduate at the end. College can be a bumpy ride, although it does not have to be. Why? Here are some of the best tips and advice to help you survive in your college life.

1) Branch Out

Choose a roommate who is not your best friend. The thought of living with your best friend should not cross your mind. You do not want to lose your BFF forever over some petty roomie drama.

2) Get Assistance

The way you tackle high school assignments is different from how you will handle the college ones. You may have a hard time writing a perfect essay, which can affect your grades. You can get help from expert custom writers who can be writing your papers anytime you have a challenging task.

3) Begin With Hard Classes

Ensure that you sign up for your most challenging classes in the fall when the year is still young. Because during springtime, your motivation will suffer, and you will feel less enthused about college. You will not feel as excited about college as you were at the start of the year.

4) Create A Budget

Many students have a challenge understanding their cash flow. It is not hard to know the amount of cash coming in and the amount that you spend. While in college, you are most likely to overspend, and if you do not have a job, you will end up using student loans to cover the shortfall.

You can start by writing down how much you spend every month. Try to group your expenses into spending groups such as food, entertainment, and shopping. After creating a budget, ensure that you strictly stick to it.

5) Make Friends

Being a loner can make it hard to survive in college because you have no one to share your experiences with. Therefore, make friends with other college students, especially those who have joined the same year as you, as your experiences may be the same. The friends you make could also come in handy in the future as they can help you find jobs or become lifelong buddies after college.

6) Hire Academic Gurus

While in college, you will have to complete many assignments, study, and have fun. To balance all these, hire experts to help you complete your essays. Your grades are essential; therefore, be careful when choosing a writing agency. With the right writing agency, you will score better grades.

You can start by finding legit writing agencies. For instance, you can use terms like edubirdie legit on search engines. This is one of the questions that many students ask. However, do not worry; EduBirdie is one of the legit writing agencies that can help you complete your assignment.

7) Make Use Of Your College ID

Your student ID can give you access to lots of discounts. Some stores give up to a discount of 30% off to students. So, ensure that you take your college ID with you and take advantage of these discounts. While shopping online, look for stores whose email address ends in ‘.edu’ and who offer discounts for customers.


These are some of the ways that you can survive your college life. Staying in college is not easy, especially if it is your first time living independently, so feel free to follow the above tips.


Rosa Chambers

Hello Buddies, I am Rosa Chambers a professional blogger and academic advisor. I love to write about various topics of education that can help students to boost their academic grades.

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Rosa Chambers
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