Top 5 Reasons to Home School

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Why I Should Help My Child

Top 5 Reasons to Home School

I recently ran into someone who asked what Pre-School my daughter went to. When I explained to said person, "I have my daughter in home school for right now. She is on the Double Duty Program," I got the biggest dirty look. You would think that I had just offended the woman. Truthfully, I am used to that reaction, though I wish people asked why and not grimace at me. So without further adieu, I give you my top 5 reasons to home school.

1. I get to show my daughter how much I want to invest in her education.

People don't give their children the time of day for their education except for that 3-5pm window of time. Even in that time, they are preoccupied with work, dinner prep, family issues, and other items, they do not give their full attention to their child. Being able to home school my child gives me the opportunity to focus on her and give her my undivided attention. She knows for those 3-4 hours I am all hers. I am there to let her know that her education and what she learns is important to me.

2. I get to control what and when she learns.

Kids learn at different paces. They also learn better at different times of day. My daughter, for instance, learns better in the morning, so we have class anywhere from 8am-12pm. Each week we have a theme, a letter/word of the week, and we have crafts for the week. I get the pleasure of deciding what is the theme and everything. I get to decide how she is taught the material and what the lesson plan looks like each day. Also, since it is at home, I can decide, hey let's go on a nature walk today or we can go have swim lessons. It's all up to me.

3. Distractions for toddlers can be very disruptive, and we don't have to worry about that.

Home school yes, keeps her secluded. But, a very good thing is the lack of distractions. I do not have to tell 20 other children to hush so one can focus. We learn at her pace, and hers only. She does not get sidetracked by others being disruptive. At such a young age, the distraction can hamper how she learns for the rest of her life.

4. Who decided Common Core, and who decided the world needed it?

I grew up in a world without Common Core and I am much better off for it. I want my daughter to have the same education I had. Common Core is the downfall of the US Education system. We don't need that garbage. It's a cop out to making parents think it's a new and great tool. In reality, it's a much longer, much trickier way to solve math problems. No one needs the struggle when life is already going to be a struggle for them.

5. I keep my kids away from the non-socialized aspect of school.

My daughter is allowed to talk to who she wants. Granted right now she is only 2, I do not believe in the school motto, "You are not here to socialize." In fact, shouldn't our children be allowed to speak freely and openly whether with us or their peers? They should learn the skill of socialization or else we have kids who are going to feel entitled and cannot form a friendship or business as they cannot speak with people. We are doing a disservice to our children by putting them in this situation.

You can agree with my 5 reasons or disagree. As long as we are talking about it, I'm happy. Everyone is entitled to keep their child home or put them in a think tank. You cannot judge others because you don't agree with their choices. We have a lot bigger issues in the world than home-school or traditional school. Let bygones be bygones and let your kids be friends. They will all thank you later for it.

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Ray Lewis Mazurek
Ray Lewis Mazurek
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