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Top 5 Benefits of Learning IT Asset Management

ITAM plays a vital role in enabling organizations to effectively manage their IT resources, mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and support strategic decision-making, ultimately contributing to the organization's success and competitiveness in the digital age.

By GSDCPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
ITAM Certification

The GSDC IT Asset Management Foundation (ITAMF) certification stands as a distinguished industry credential, validating professionals' expertise in the area of IT asset management.

Designed for individuals seeking to establish a robust foundation in this field, the ITAM certification equips them with essential skills and knowledge to proficiently manage and optimize IT assets within organizations.

The main advantages of learning IT Asset Management (ITAM) skills:

1 – High Demand

Over the last few years, there has been a significant growth in organizations' spending on IT assets. The purchase of IT assets ranks as the second-largest expense for the majority of organizations. Furthermore, the use of the assets carries a considerable risk to regulatory compliance. To effectively manage these assets, the majority of them require the services of committed specialists. As a result, there is a sharp increase in demand for IT asset managers. A significant disparity exists between the supply and demand of ITAM specialists as a result of the limited availability of trained ITAM professionals. Thus, IT professionals can access countless options with a certification in IT asset management.

2 – Global Recognition

IT asset management specialists are in demand by businesses worldwide, regardless of size. Obtaining an IT Asset Management certification will make you recognised worldwide.

This is due to the fact that a skilled asset management specialist is familiar with the subtleties of vendor management, contract administration, efficient reporting, tool deployment, and operations management. They can therefore choose to transition into other IT management domains. They may even pursue careers as Process Framework experts or Software Category Managers. ITAM specialists can communicate with international IT leaders more effectively with this type of exposure.

Few IT fields offer the kind of strong cross-functional exposure that transforms managers today into tomorrow's global leaders.

3- Prerequisite for Many Top IT Roles

A prerequisite for many IT positions, particularly those in Fortune 500 businesses, is familiarity with IT asset management. It implies that applicants who lack the fundamental understanding of IT asset management may not be allowed to interview, even if they are competent enough to apply for a position.

A review of job postings from major international IT companies shows that the majority of them now require IAITAM certificates.

4 – Host of Unexplored Career Opportunities

ITAM experts can navigate a career path which very few can imagine. They start their career as analysts using standard tools to collect raw data and normalize it according to the vendor reporting standards. Then they generate the compliance summary report by reconciling the normalized data with contract entitlements.

Many IT Asset managers become Vendor Managers, Sales Leaders, and Contract Negotiators, etc. Many others move to Service Management.

A few of these professionals choose to become auditors and either participate in auditing activities at customers’ premises on behalf of publishers or work directly with publishers.

It is evident that IT Asset Management has something for everyone. Whether you are a technical person, a salesman, a business oriented person or a compliance guy; you will have immense opportunities to showcase your skills and move forward in your career like a boss.

5 – Excellent Compensation

Given the length and breadth of roles of ITAM professionals, they are entitled to command a better salary than their peers. IT Asset Managers earned a median wage of $102,571 in December 2016. This figure is estimated to grow further for next few years. Since most of the ITAM professionals come from diverse backgrounds, their compensation depends on their work experience. However, most of the IT professionals see a growth in their salary and designation in the long term after learning IT Asset Management skills.


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