Top 4 topics you can Choose to Write an Environmental Essay on

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Tips to choose an Environmental Essay Topics

Top 4 topics you can Choose to Write an Environmental Essay on

Writing an environment-related essay is not a big deal since this has been included in the curriculum of even a 5-year old. Still, students face issues because there are tons of problems that nature goes through on a daily basis and selecting one from those feels like a task. So, for your environmental essay help, we have come up with the top 4 problems that you can address by writing an article on it.

Deforestation: Needless to say, one of the major problems that almost all of the countries of the world are facing at present is deforestation. Trees are the lifeline of mother Earth and cutting them down to provide space for the growing population seems unfair but also the need of the hour. If you conduct a comprehensive research and come up with brilliant ideas to this problem like vertical plantation or terrace plantation, you will stand at very high chances of getting an A+.

Acidification of ozone: Being a student of environmental studies, you must be very well aware of the importance of the ozone layer to protect the surface of Earth from the direct harmful UV rays of the sun. But due to deforestation and increasing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, the ozone layer is becoming acidic. According to a survey, human beings are responsible for producing 25% of the CO2 currently present in the air that we breathe in. And, believe us, it is a huge number. The primary effect of ozone acidification will be on all kinds of lives present on Earth which include humans too.

Industrial mining: Though for every economy to grow, industries are a necessity, but the rate at which these are producing waste is detrimental. There isn’t an effective mechanism through which this waste can be treated inside or outside the industries. Most of the times, the waste is dumped on the ground and in oceans which is further causing land and water pollution respectively. If you have an idea using which this problem can be efficiently addressed, congratulations, you are halfway onto scoring the best.

Depletion of natural resources: It takes billions of years to produce coal, petroleum, and all other natural resources. Apart from this, water is also being wasted at a tremendous rate. A lot of countries in the world have a scarcity of clean water, and all they have now is treated water which can cause them a lot of diseases. Scores of animal and plant species are on the verge of extinction because of ruthless hunting, poaching and cutting of trees respectively. Greenhouse effect, climatic changes, global warming, soil erosion are all effects of unethical use of natural resources by human beings.

Along with these 4 major problems, there are a lot of other problems too like different kinds of pollution, acid rain, etc. on which you can write an environmental essay. Also, along with mentioning the problem, you should also talk about its causes and measures to deal with them. Good luck!


The environmental essay is one of the most common themes that students get to work on. The subject is so wide in itself that students generally struggle at finding a specific topic to do their research on. This article highlights the four top problems on which students can write their environmental essay.

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