To Skip, or to Suck It Up

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Things to Think of Before Skipping a Class

To Skip, or to Suck It Up

Here are some questions to consider if you are thinking about skipping class.

How much time do you have to turn in the assignment?

  • If it’s a short period of time and you know there is no way you can finish it without skipping, then skip.
  • If you think you will have plenty of time to finish within the time frame, go to class
  • Do you have an understanding of the material that needs to get covered for the classes you are wanting to skip? Do you know what will they will go over in class that day? Have you done any pre-reading if you need to?
  • If you know what will get done in class that day, you know how to do the material already, or you have done the pre-reading and you think you can get the notes from someone else or can you teach yourself the topics online? Go ahead and skip.

What is your grade in the class? What is your grade in the class the assignment it is due in?

If your grade is high (A or B) in the class, you’re considering skipping and your grade won't go down after missing, then you should be safe to miss. If your grade is lower in the class you’re working on the assignment for, don't skip.

What percentage of your grade does the assignment count for?

If the assignment is only a small percentage of your total grade for the class, go to your classes for the day and ask your professor for an extension on the assignment. It is usually only like 10 percent off for every day it’s late.

Are you testing/quizzing in the classes you’re thinking of skipping?

  • Go to any class in which you know you are having a test or quiz. Do not skip.

What is the attendance policy for the classes you’re going to skip?

  • If attendance is optional, you are fine to skip.
  • If attendance is counted as a grade and you’ve not used up your freebies, skip only if needed.
  • If attendance is a grade and you’ve used your freebies, refer to your syllabus to see how much your grade will be affected if you skip.

If you’re thinking of skipping because of mental health needs:

  • Remember you are more important than any grade.
  • Do what you need to maintain a healthy state of mind and to be emotionally stable.
  • Don’t feel bad for needing to skip occasionally.
  • Learn to love yourself, take those occasional skips to work on yourself.

If you’re thinking of skipping because you stayed out and partied:

  • Refer to the above questions.
  • It’s great to go out and socialize with friends to release stress and relax, but don’t make it a habit of doing it. When you’ve got morning classes or important assignments/tests coming up, you will be shaken up.
  • Remember you or someone else is paying for you to be there. Don’t throw away your time.
  • Use your own judgement for any time you’re thinking of skipping, these are some guidelines of things to consider.

This guideline is not to promote skipping class all of the time. It helps to be realistic and acknowledge that sometimes things happen for one reason or another. Furthermore, this guide is not to bash anyone who decided to skip because they went out the night before. Do what you need to do to stay healthy.

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