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By Sowmya KavyaPublished 3 months ago 3 min read


The adage "Time is money" implies that effectively managing your time is essential to making money. One's financial success will depend on how well they manage their time. Utilize every opportunity to do the correct things and advance one step closer to your goal with each passing minute. The proverb also suggests that we shouldn't waste time because doing so compromises our ability to develop.

Extension of Concept

According to the adage "time is money," time is a crucial component of making money. The proverb's reference to "time" actually alludes to your use of it. Nothing can stop you from making money and building your financial stability if you recognize the worth of time and make the most of every minute of it.

Think about a situation in which someone wastes time by not making use of the time they have accessible. Spending a lot of time on activities that are unrelated to your objectives is a waste of time. Now, such an individual won't advance and, on top of that, will also lose all of his or her amassed wealth. Therefore, wasting time can result in destitution in situations where time is money.

Short Story 1

In a large Indian metropolis, there was a taxi driver who would only transport people between locations while collecting payment from them. He is constantly on the move, come weather or shine, every day of the week.

He arrived home for just a quick lunch and didn't even wait to eat a leisurely dinner. He used to consume whatever was offered to him and immediately get back on the road. His young daughter was very upset about her father's hectic routine. The girl undoubtedly desired for her father to spend some time with the family. However, the guy was too occupied driving passengers in his taxi.

The girl had a fever one day, so the taxi driver took the day off work at his wife's suggestion. She questioned him while he was seated next to his daughter, "Why are you always on the go and don't spend time with me and mommy?"

The man responded, "Dear, you know that I drive a taxi. I know what your daughter wants. I transport individuals for a fee in exchange for their payment. The money I am collecting is used to pay for our food, bills, medical expenses, and other house expenses in addition to funding your education. In this metropolis, there is always someone waiting for a taxi. It's my responsibility to see them and get there promptly; otherwise, other cab drivers might seize the chance. It would be like loosing money every minute the longer I stayed at home. Dear, time is money in my line of work.

The daughter began to regard her father with greater reverence than before and never complained when he chose to spend time at home.


Around 430 B.C., the proverb's origins were in ancient Greek. It is attributed to Antiphon, a Greek orator whose duty it was to draft arguments for plaintiffs in legal proceedings. The most expensive expenditure, according to him, is time. Although the phrase doesn't quite have the same connotation as "time is money," it comes very close.

After many centuries, the adage "time is precious" gains traction and is frequently cited by academics and world leaders. One of the American founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, used the identical phrase "time is money" in his writings. In his piece titled "Advice to a Young Tradesman," he used the precise adage "time is money." Since then, both academics and regular people have used the phrase frequently.


The adage instructs us to respect time and not squander it. It clearly links success or progress to the efficient use of time. Regardless of what a person does, everyone can follow the recipe for success. The proverb may hold the key to your success whether you are a student getting ready for a board test, a future doctor, or someone looking for a job promotion. That is, making efficient use of your time is crucial for success and financial success.

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