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This young man from Africa came for Hajj this time and stood in front of Roza Sharif and saw the Roza with tears in his eyes. Harman's own online site posted the photo on Twitter.


By Muhammad TariqPublished about a month ago 3 min read

This young man from Africa came for Hajj this time and stood in front of Roza Sharif and saw the Roza with tears in his eyes. Harman's own online site posted the photo on Twitter.

Ah, what a sight! What a passion! After a long time Habib was lucky to see the fast! All the emotions of the black youth's heart are falling into tears!

The Courier of Allah, may God favor him and award him harmony, said

After me there will be people who will sacrifice everything to see me

Here, the ummah sacrifices everything to attend the shrine of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

It also reminds of the scene 1400 years ago when Hazrat Salman Farsi RA would have reached the destination after his years-long journey in search of truth.

How will they secretly sit far away and see him with tears in their eyes?

. * There is a famous incident that Allah said to Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him), *

O Musa, famine is coming, tell your people to be ready.

*Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him) conveyed this message to his people, so his people made holes in the walls of their houses so that they could help the neighboring house in case of famine and hardship and thus pass these hard days. Some time passed but there was no famine. Hazrat Musa (peace be upon him) asked Allah the Almighty for the reason and got the answer that your people showed mercy to each other, so why should I not have pity on them, to that end I didn't send a starvation.

👈🏻🔔 * Be merciful to each other in the current period of inflation so that Allah may have mercy on us,..... consider the needs of others... give facilities... so that your own problems can be solved. can be*


* He who thinks only of himself..... gets drowned in his own concern... who also thinks of others. Allah opens for him the doors of ease.

*What is the secret of the turban of the Ottoman Empire being so big?*

Many of us must have seen the size of the turbans of the Ottoman Empire, but many of us may not have known why the turbans were so large and deformed. Not for, but it is the shroud of the Ottoman sultan, the mujahideen of the sultan is one of the conditions of the sultanThere was one condition and he often called the Sultan of Osmania, especially Bukar, the

establishment of the state in 1299 AD Ghazi, and the turban that represents his shroud is placed on his head so that he remembers his death. Every time. So that turban represents the shroud over the head

The subject is not symbolic but real. Sultan Murad the first who was martyred in the battle of Rome. A shroud was worn on the head with the same dastar. Sidekicks should be mindful while staying in lodgings:

If you are going with family and have to stay in a housing, guarantee that the room you are staying in doesn't have hid away cameras.

Come on! We tell you how to find a hidden camera in a room from your mobile phone.

(1) First turn off the room light.

(2) Now turn on your mobile camera.

(3) When turning on the camera, make sure that the camera flash is turned off.

(4) Now move the mobile camera around the room.

(5) If you see a red dot on the mobile screen when you turn the camera, then understand that you are under the surveillance of a hidden camera. Now you are careful not to make any moves that will cause embarrassment by being caught on camera.

Make sure to convey this message to the rest of the Muslims, so that the honor of the Muslims is protected

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