Things I Wish I Had Known at the Start of High School

by Casey Nicole 2 years ago in high school

Top 6 Things I Wish I Had Known as a Freshman

Things I Wish I Had Known at the Start of High School

Take my advice!

6. The friends you have now, most likely won’t stay long.

It happens to everyone. You may come into high school with a big crowd of friends who you think are gonna stick by your side no matter what. But somehow, something has to start it. Maybe one of your friends started dating your ex. Or you make plans to hang out with certain friends and not other friends. Even college could rip you guys apart. Just know that you may have one or two by your senior year. Not everyone is gonna stay.

5. Use your freshman year as an exploration.

The first year in, you need to just pick a variety of classes besides your core ones (math, english, social studies, and science). This way you can kind of get a feel of what you might like. Let's say, for example, you're more of an artsy person, so you pick to be in art. But maybe later on, you find out you're really good at cooking and want to project your pathway towards culinary arts. By sophomore year, you can focus more of your attention on culinary arts rather than basic art and have your pathway set by graduation.

4. Do not skip classes.

Ladies and gentlemen, skipping does not benefit you in any way. Yeah, there may be some days where you just don't want to do it but skipping makes it worse. Most schools have a policy with absences that play a factor in your end of course exams (EOCs). I would say about 4 absences or less can get you exempt from taking those exams. If you get more than that, then you probably have to take it whether you have a good grade or not. Plus, if you skip certain classes, it makes counting absences hard. For example, having 2 absences in your first period and 5 in your second period. You're more than likely going to take second periods' exam.

3. Work hard in the beginning.

Trust me when I say this. It is so much easier to do well at the beginning of the grading period than the end. You don't want to be that one kid at the end, trying to raise their grade with some extra credit. If you work hard at the start, it won't be as hard to keep it up at the end. Then maybe you decide not to do a certain paper, and still, end up passing for the period.

2. Watch your absences.

This is kind of like number 4 but this isn't for those who skip. Let's say you get sick really easily and have a happy immune system like me. You go to the doctor about once every 2 weeks. Those absences are going to pile up and you'll have to take EOCs. I'm not saying don't get sick because obviously, everyone does at some point. Depending on your school’s policies, doctor’s notes may or may not affect you.

1. Get involved!

As a freshman, I wish I had signed up to be in Key Club or student council. I wish I had got into more things, things that would look most excellent on a college resume. Even sports would count but me, personally, would not do too well in. Find something to keep you busy and occupied during the long 4 years. You're going to be there for a while. Plus, it's a great way to make friends. You're in something that people have a similar interest in. Depending on your school, there could be a variety of things to do and participate in.

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