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"There are 50 Bentleys in my house, and they are all stuck here!": After watching this farce, I have something to say...

After watching this farce, I have something to say...

By davidPublished 8 months ago 7 min read

The "Bentley vs. Rolls-Royce" incident has attracted wide attention in the past two days.

On June 5, a video went viral on the Internet.

In the underground garage of a community in Shenzhen, a female Bentley owner had a conflict with the male owner of a Land Rover because of a parking space problem (it is rumored that Rolls-Royce is actually a Land Rover).

In the video, the female car owner is very angry.

she says:

"I have 50 Bentleys in my house. If I don't use them for a month, they are stuck here."

In order to breathe a sigh of relief, it is indeed very "treasure" to drive 50 Bentleys from the family to block the road of the male car owner.

There are many rich people in Shenzhen, and it is not uncommon to have luxury cars.

The bad thing is that the female car owner claimed that her husband was the secretary of a state-owned enterprise.

Later, her husband, the "secretary of a state-owned enterprise", was picked up by netizens as an executive of a large state-owned enterprise with an annual salary of 375,000, and this so-called husband is actually a boyfriend.

In an instant, the anti-corruption and honesty spirit of netizens was ignited:

If there are 50 Bentleys, how can she afford them with her boyfriend's annual salary?

The community they live in has an average price of hundreds of thousands. How can they afford it?

The conjecture about the female car owner's boyfriend has intensified.

But the number of people who pay attention to the event itself is gradually decreasing.

After watching the whole incident, I have a few points and I can't vomit.

Is it justice to besiege the female Bentley driver?

In the video posted on the Internet, the female Bentley driver is amazing.

She called the news media to ask for exposure, and she did not lose out in the fierce physical confrontation.

As a result, many people accused her of being domineering and talking aggressively.

But why is she so excited?

Because her parking space was occupied for a month.

Imagine that you paid for a parking space and signed a contract, and as a result, someone else's car is parked for a month. What do you say, the other party ignores it, and the property does nothing.

If your rights and interests are violated, anyone who replaces it will be angry.

As for the 50 Bentleys she mentioned, she did not own them at home, but asked people from the Bentley Club to drive them over.

To be honest, this female Bentley driver shows off her wealth and has a high tone, which will indeed make many people unhappy.

But because of her "50 Bentleys" and "state-owned enterprise husband", I think it is wrong to stand on the opposite side of her.

She is rich, but she is also a victim of profit.

If she and her boyfriend do have a problem, I support a thorough investigation and never allow the existence of moths.

But now everything is unclear, and public opinion is out of focus.

Whether or not her rights as an owner are protected, no one cares.

This should not be the case. Investigation and rights protection are not in conflict.

Moreover, with the fermentation of public opinion, a personal humiliation against female Bentley drivers began.

Someone posted a photo of the female Bentley driver's underwear on the Internet, without coding the private parts at all.

Some people even found the same style of her panties on the Internet and said how much her panties were worth.

In the crazy fermentation of the incident, her privacy was completely seen by the whole network.

This has not been convicted, should people be paraded in the street?

Is it justice and morality to send out a video of a woman wearing her panties?

What is the intention of the person who made these?

I have no intention of standing in line with the female Bentley owner. If she has a problem with her boyfriend, the law will punish them severely.

But it's not that women's bodies are openly exposed to the public.

This is humiliation, not so-called justice.

Those who should be really responsible have been left out

In my opinion, a female Bentley owner and a Rolls-Royce owner (actually a Land Rover) can never tell the difference.

Because the source of the conflict is not in them.

An insider revealed that according to relevant laws and regulations in Shenzhen: parking spaces do not have property rights, and sales are not allowed.

The female car owner of Bentley said "her parking space" and the contract were the promise made by the developer of the community to the owner who purchased the apartment, and the right to use the parking space was given away when the apartment was purchased.

Coincidentally, the parking space presented to the female Bentley owner was allocated to a residential area.

Public parking spaces in residential areas are already tight, and as a result, there are "private parking spaces" for people on the other side of the apartment.

One to two, causing dissatisfaction among the owners of the residential area, disputes have continued in the past six months.

The above is one of them.

The second is that some people say that the developer has the ownership of the parking space in the residential area. In 2021, some owners have sued the developer, but the lawsuit has not been won.

Then if the developer has the ownership of the parking space, should he show the relevant property rights certificate to the owner to prevent the conflict from getting bigger and bigger?

There must be truths that we don't know.

So, in the final analysis, the developers are really responsible.

They gave the parking space to the owner who bought the apartment, but did not resolve the contradiction between the owners of the residential area, causing the two sides to fight.

They get real benefits, and what about both owners?

Those who really have problems hide behind their backs, and those who suffer the most become cannon fodder.

Does this look like an internet platform before?

Consumers and takeaways fought, passengers and drivers fought, but the root of the problem lies on these Internet platforms.

Therefore, to solve this matter in Shenzhen, it is the developers who really need to stand up and solve the problem.

If the problem of female Bentley drivers is solved, what about other owners?

Only by prosecuting relevant responsibilities legally and rectifying all "loopholes" behaviors can the legitimate rights and interests of owners be protected.

Not the richer, the higher the quality

Someone joked online:

It turns out that when rich people fight, they will tear their clothes and roll on the ground.

The most shocking thing was the man in white clothes (Han Moumou), who fell to the ground when no one touched him.

Many people are checking female Bentley owners, but I would like to say that Land Rover owners should also check.

Why does he occupy someone else's parking space for a month, what is his arrogance?

There is a saying in the official media:

Both Bentleys and Rolls-Royces are symbols of enormous wealth, yet their owners display so little quality in public.

One party shouted "50 Bentleys in traffic jam", the other was skilled in diving and fell to the ground. They are all so rich, but their quality is outrageously low.

It seems that rich and literate people do not necessarily have high quality.

Both parties, with their own efforts, performed a farce for netizens across the country.

At the beginning, they may not have imagined that events would go this way.

Maybe many times in the past, they used this way to "win" to win.

Because money and power have always been the magic weapon for them to solve problems.

But this time, they miscalculated.

Both sides are "thorn heads", each of which does not give way.

And everyone, in this farce, saw their truest face.

Money and power are like bulking agents.

When you have something, it starts to expand.

If you want to use wealth and privilege to suppress others, you will show your ability if you disagree.

One day, there will be a backlash.

Because those who use power for personal gain, no matter how deep they hide, will one day reveal their secrets.

No matter what kind of wealth you have or what height you have reached, being humble and doing things in a low-key manner is the last word.

mutual encouragement.


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