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The story of the life of mother eagle kost.

The cost of the mother eagle.

By Sokti panday Published about a month ago 3 min read
The story of the life of mother eagle kost.
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Once upon a mountain there lived an eagle. There were three small eggs in his house. In that egg, the eagle used to give it every day. One day, the eagle and its egg suddenly met with an accident. Because a terrible flood hit the mountain that day, the eagle survived, but its two eggs fell into the valley of the mountain. The mother eagle searched a lot but could not find the two eggs. The mother eagle came back to the house in sorrow. Another egg started laying it again. After giving it for some time, a chick came out of the egg. The mother eagle was very happy to see her chicks. Daily the eagle gathers food for its young and feeds it. Several days passed like this. As soon as one danger was over, another danger appeared in his house. The eagle went to look for food for her chicks, while the mischievous crow appeared in the house. Crow Eagle These two are enemies of each other. The crow saw the eagle chick in the house and started hitting it with its beak. While striking, once the eagle chick's head bleeds. The raven pecks harder at the smell of the blood of the eagle's chick. At one point the crow stopped crowing. Meanwhile, the eagle flies towards the nest with food for its young, so the crow flies from the nest. When the eagle comes to its home and goes to feed the chick with its beak, the chick does not budge. The eagle continues to caress the chick by throwing food from its mouth. The eagle realizes that its chick is no longer in the world. He looked at the sky with tears in his eyes and started shouting. At one point he stopped shouting. That mischievous crow was sitting on the branch of a maiden in the mountains when the eagle saw it and saw blood on its lips. The eagle no longer realizes that the crow has killed its young. Then the eagle caught the crow and killed it by tearing it to pieces with its sharp clawed beak. Eagle's anger subsides but his sadness does not.The eagle decided at one point that he would no longer be on this watch. Go to another place and build a nest there, you can lay eggs again. Thinking of this, the eagle left the mountain and flew into the sky. The canal crosses the Beel river channel and finally reaches a forest field. There he chose a thick-stemmed tree to build a nest. A fox lived in the hole in the bark of that tree. Little did the eagle know that a terrible danger was about to loom before him. The eagle starts building a nest by gathering straw. After several days of building the house, finally the building of the house is finished. This time the eagle got two eggs in the house, the eagle started to lay them in the eggs like every time. After the eagle has laid eggs for a long time, it is time to hatch the eggs. Meanwhile, the fox sat in the hollow of the tree and observed everything of the eagle. It would be better if the fox could eat the eagle's meat. The eagle's egg hatched two chicks today, the eagle is very happy. Hearing the sound of the fox eagle's chicks, he thought to himself that he should climb the tree once to see if the chicks can be eaten. When the eagle goes to fetch food for the chicks, the fox climbs the tree and sees two little chicks. After the foxes grow up a bit, they can be eaten. Thinking this, the fox got down from the tree and hid in the hole. The eagle continues to feed its chicks. Day by day the chicks grow up. One day the fox will fix and eat the chicks today. When the eagle goes to get food, the fox climbs the tree and eats the chicks. When the eagle brought food and saw that its chicks were not at home, the eagle screamed without seeing the chicks. Once the eagle came down to the ground and found the hairy feathers of its chicks lying in a hole in the tree bark. The eagle no longer realizes that there are no more young in this world. The eagle is saddened by the grief of its chicks. Eagle decides that he doesn't want to live in this world anymore. The eagle flew to the previous watch and died after hitting its head on the watch.

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