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The Path of Immigrant Trafficking to Europe"

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By Isaac Ekow AnyidohoPublished about a month ago 3 min read
The Path of Immigrant Trafficking to Europe"
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Pascal Le Toubou, an immigrant smuggler, navigates through the vast Libyan desert, encountering numerous obstacles and making necessary preparations to transport illegal immigrants to the Mediterranean. Among his clients are two individuals from Cameroon, Emile and Elie, who are determined to seek a better future in France despite the hazardous circumstances. Emile, driven by his dream of pursuing a career in showbiz, sets his sights on France, enticed by the allure of Paris and the opportunities it holds. With a daunting 2,000km journey ahead, Emile and Elijah are willing to risk everything to reach Europe and fulfill their aspirations. In the city of Sebha, illegal immigrants face additional challenges, as Joseph finds temporary refuge amidst the deadly conflicts. Stranded and confronted with cold weather and uncertainty, these individuals endure immense hardships. Meanwhile, Afghan cousins, Javid and Rohani, meticulously plan their illegal journeys to Europe, driven by their desire to escape the oppressive rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan. They encounter various challenges and expenses as they attempt to leave the country unlawfully. These illegal immigrants embark on treacherous routes, facing numerous risks along the way, including long waits in uncomfortable conditions and the daunting task of crossing the Iranian mountains on foot.

The organized excursion proceeds towards the Iranian border. Javid and Faouad are perceived as sightseers, not as undocumented migrants. The group consists of individuals escaping from the Taliban and vendettas that are causing chaos. Three Cameroonians in dire circumstances are seeking aid for the perilous trip to the Turkish border. They are at risk of being abandoned, robbed, and expelled by smugglers and locals. They are seeking help from a new boatman but are encountering obstacles with journalists and transportation arrangements. Cameroonian migrants endure severe torture and suffering throughout the smuggling journey. Their harrowing experience lasted six days instead of two, as they were tortured and mistreated by smugglers. The Cameroonian community in Tripoli has gathered accounts of horrific abuse and cruelty. Migrants encounter difficulties while crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe. Smugglers exploit migrants, taking their money and putting their lives at risk on overcrowded boats. Undocumented immigrants in Zouara are negotiating with smugglers for passage, facing steep costs and dangers along the way. The migrants face both risks and hopes as they attempt to cross into Europe. They endure perilous sea crossings in search of a better life in Europe. Religious differences fade away as everyone relies on faith for safety during the journey. Clandestine walkers endure extreme physical discomfort and hardships. Their muscles ache and their joints suffer from the long trek. Walkers struggle with inadequate footwear, dehydration, and a lack of clean water.

Migrants encounter various difficulties during their journey to Turkey. They face challenges related to the distance they have to travel and the mode of transportation they use. Additionally, they struggle to obtain essential resources such as food and water. Unfortunately, their troubles escalate when the boat's engine catches fire while crossing territorial waters. This incident occurs during the fifth hour of their journey, causing a disturbing smell and the sudden silence of the engine. As a result, tension builds among the passengers, especially when a young Libyan individual becomes threatening and harms a pregnant passenger. Upon reaching Lampedusa, African migrants endure a hazardous journey, facing overcrowded camps and uncertain prospects for asylum. The voyage from Libya to Lampedusa lasts for 21 hours, and even after arriving, they continue to face challenges in their quest to reach Paris. Lampedusa became a sought-after destination for African migrants, with thousands attempting to disembark there in 2013.

However, upon arrival at the overcrowded camp, the Cameroonians find themselves awaiting the examination of their asylum application, with the looming possibility of deportation. Examinations and the procedures related to residency are causing discontent and motivating individuals to depart. Afghan individuals are also encountering difficulties as they strive to reach Greece. Turkish authorities have apprehended 50 immigrants. Human traffickers have been apprehended, leaving the immigrants to fend for themselves. They attempted to cross the sea to reach Greece. Both Afghan and Cameroonian immigrants embark on a similar journey from Rome to Paris. Afghans encounter various challenges in Europe, including being repatriated to Afghanistan and having to alter their route to Sicily. Cameroonian individuals receive assistance in the form of train tickets to Paris after running out of funds at Ventimiglia station. Cameroonian refugees face hardships in adapting to life in Paris. The refugees are amazed by the grandeur of the world's largest station. They struggle to find suitable accommodations and become disillusioned with the realities of refugee life in Paris.


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