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The Largest Data Science Markets In 2022


By LekhanaPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Any data science expert wishing to participate in the continuing transformation of the global technology sector should seize this opportunity. The data science and big data industry are predicted to provide 1 million new jobs and generate $100 billion in revenue for established businesses and startups over the next two to three years. In this rapidly evolving environment, it's critical to watch the B2B technology sector, which has gradually emerged as the top destination for fundraisers and investors, including PPP models and government-startup alliances, unlike anything we've seen before.

The most practical technology destinations—or, if you prefer, industry sectors—that would hire the most analysts and AI engineers from data science institutes are highlighted in this article.


If you ask any seasoned data science professional about using data science in financial services, you'll likely get many startup tales that motivate new professionals to join the fintech fan club. What started as a straightforward test to automate front office and middle office management in banks and insurance firms has grown into a fully-fledged operation across the banking and financial services sector.

Data scientists working in the banking sector are tracking trends and developing new Client Relationship Management systems, ERPs, video analytics, and mobile applications that bring banking and currency transactions to your smartphone screen by analyzing billions of touchpoints and customer profiles. For detailed information on becoming a financial analyst, join the data analytics course in Bangalore.

Since the future of data science in the fintech industry is uncertain, the industry is highly motivated to preserve innovation at the core of this "flywheel" economy. The Indian Fintech journey ultimately depends on how successfully the recruiting market supports the banking operations, from managing customer relations using AI and intelligent virtual assistants to satisfying strict banking rules set by regulatory authorities to save the companies from bad loans and defaulters.

Farming Technology

The whole supply chain for the farmer's output and income is integrated through agritech solutions.

In the data science sector, agriculture technology, often known as Agri Tech or Agro Tech in varied business jargon, is an important trendsetter. Agritech received more than $250 billion in funding across Asia in 2018–2019. Agritech is a crucial specialty for Bangalore's data science institute to concentrate on in an economy strongly dependent on agriculture, like India. Agro-industries are connected to about 50% of the Indian population, either directly or indirectly. Agritech using drones, geospatial data, soil moisture analytics, and farming tool automation is crucial to closing the glaring gap between demand and supply for a country that receives the highest rainfall per acre in the world but hardly manages to retain any of the rainwater harvesting or groundwater management.

Agritech is assisting farmers in constructing a completely integrated supply chain without worrying about debts by providing them with new banking and financing options. In addition to increasing crop yield per hectare of arable land, tech-enabled farming also speeds up the time from farm to market, makes the most of inventory, and lowers food waste.

ED-TECH or education

Physical classroom experiences are impossible in the present pandemic because IoT, AI, 3D printing, AR, and VR are opening up a whole new world of educational principles.

I can tell that the trend is quickly catching on in India because I am aware of trends in the US and UK and have spoken with AI teams in the education technology business. All K–12 and professional certification course providers are building out their inventory with cutting-edge equipment like 3D printers, laser cutters, and robotics to support academics in their classroom instruction.

However, that was before COVID-19 impacted the rise of edtech centered on in-class activities. In the past eight months or so, things have altered.

The manner in that students interact with their academic material online is changing thanks to online education providers. Even though trends like the IoT, AI-based tutoring, on-demand video tools, augmented reality, virtual reality, and immersive content management allow administrators and students to get as close to the current curriculum requirements as possible, the online education market is still booming.

We saw how online education providers began offering more training and development assistance to professionals who lost their employment or those who wanted to improve their data science skills during the COVID-19 issue. Professionals in data science need to move quickly since their world has altered so drastically. With Learnbay’s data science course in Bangalore, working professionals from across industries can learn the in-demand data science and AI skills and become a certified data scientist.


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