The Inbetweeners

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The Forgotten Group

The Inbetweeners

There is a group that is often forgotten in the rush of college applications, scholarships, and AP classes. The group that is in between. This group dwells in the realm of regular classes and advanced classes; maintaining either a low B or a high C. Sometimes they are advanced for the regular class but not enough to keep up with the advanced classes. They struggle a little more and much more often; however. This may seem good as they spend more effort trying to keep their grades high. But I would also argue many would not make the effort to change their grades as they would believe they would never get higher than a C or B depending on how high they can bring up their grade from their previous failing grade. Or worse, the grade will never change so they stick to regular classes or just don't put enough effort into raising the falling grade as compared to others who cannot live with below average grades. They constantly compare themselves with these other students wanting to be better. Meanwhile, the inbetweener struggles to maintain a C. Their self-esteem crumbles. What little image they have created for themselves becomes insignificant to everyone else who is sure and has the ability to see themselves as someone who needs to improve day by day.

Also when it comes to scholarships they may struggle to win any as they need to show their skills and present interests in an essay or a video. They will find multiple scholarships telling them the same thing of how hard it was to choose a winner for that year's scholarships. These students are only okay at everything they attempt but they're not "amazing" or "wonderful." These students will always be left with the leftovers or the other groups who have a clear picture of who they are and what they want. While the inbetweeners are just now realizing all those things and even then are confused on what they truly want, they are often the group that is forgotten and have an identity that isn't quite them. They want knowledge but struggle to find a setting where they are comfortable get challenging. They need and seek help yet the help goes to someone who needs much more than them.

I should know I was—am—one of these students even to this day, my image is insignificant to those around me. People, to me, have every opportunity to get what they want because they are so sure of themselves and have support from their family and friends to achieve their goals. I was often afraid to just participate and join groups. To go out and look a the outside world and challenge me. I have never won anything that meant something to my parents. I was never interested in following a career that they saw was best for me, even if it was quite the contrary. Business was not for me. I spent my time changing my image to something everyone else wanted to see me as. Failure to me was not a learning experience, it was a moment of judgment and fear. I remember the times my mother called me "stupid" and "useless", I feared to ask for help because my mother only saw my failure. This is why I still struggle with my image and to find the courage to go out on my own and do something that is truly me. At times, I believed my mother only had me so she could stop working and live off me. I don’t mind, I want to help my mom retire but the fact that she only made it known that I needed to get a job for her and never for me made my self-worth only be valued as a material thing.

So if you feel the same, here are some words of advice: Don't wait for someone to help you, go get help. Don't feel discouraged because your grade will never get higher. Remember you have an exam that will test you over everything so learn the material even if it won't help you as much now. Get involved in clubs, learn what interests you have even if you're not amazing at club activities, it's something you like so do it. Don't be afraid of failure. Don't do something for the rest of your life you hate. The dumbest job in the world is the one you don't enjoy. Also, realize there will be jobs you will hate but you will need that for the job you will enjoy. And most importantly, if you don't love who you are now, you will never love yourself truly.

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