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The Failure Of Modern-day Schools

by Jonathon Larkins 12 months ago in student

School, a establishment of modern-day society. But for all the wrong reasons.

The Failure Of Modern-day Schools
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School, a establishment of modern-day society. But for all the wrong reasons. as a student, every passing day of school leaves me feeling empty, drained and miserable.

This is beginning to leave a deep-rooted impact on me. One of hate. Of course, I appreciate school. Not only is it a place to learn but it is also a place to build bridges, create relationships. It builds us into the adults we become. It is one of the many pieces that change children into adults. It has had its impact on me, I'm sure more is to come when I enter higher education.

Throughout the pandemic, school has been online, distant from the student. Unpreventable of course. Yet this has only highlighted problems for me. The work has been awful, it is no longer learning it is more of a task that we are being forced to do with no outcome. it has lost my desire to learn. Killing the energy I have towards those subjects.

I do not use social media in the conventional sense, meaning I no longer talk to my friends. My social life in ruins. I only have myself to blame. Many others like me are struggling. Lacking the social interaction we so desire.

As you may not know I live in the UK, so we have a different assessment system. They are called GCSE or a levels depending or what grade you are in. They have been cancelled. At least that what the government has said. But my school well let's say we have more work than we would.

All this is accumulating to one problem within many schools. schools have replaced students with a test score. A teacher does not question me, they question the work.

School makes me feel that I am no longer a person but a test score. that I have to meet a certain need otherwise I am regarded as a failure to the system. School do not want this failure on the system. yet it is a ploy to make the school look better. Neglecting us as humans.

Suppressing are creative side. School does not allow students to be creative. It does not allow us to have freedom. Constrained to do what we are told. Not find who we are. What our purpose is. Left to fend for ourselves.

In some cases, the school environment works. But for me and many others, it doesn't. I respect any scholar or any university student. They are brave for taking on such debt without a promise of work after. Rather spat out back into the real world. That will not work for me. After all, I am a creative.

We want to stand out and develop ourselves out of our own free will. Not be told by others. We as a species resonate with this statement. As more people start businesses or freelance. The education system is at a tipping point. once unbalanced they will need to change the way we teach.

Giving students more freedom, more choice in what they do with there time a school. A environment that promotes wellbeing and creativity. This is the goal, unfortunately, I will only be able to witness this and not be a part of the system when this happens.

It's a dream that is unlikely to happen. The old people in charge would not allow such change. It would not benefit them in any way. It would not be a worthwhile investment of time and money for them. Not broken why fix it. That is their attitude in all this.


Jonathon Larkins

This is me.16. My whole life in front of me. Just trying to find my way through it. Building a better future for myself and others

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