The College

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Mafia meets Career

The College
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“Get your ass in here,Davis” was the sound reverberating in the halls as the seemingly shy and respectful female employee- Ms.Davis- was summoned by her boss. “What the hell is going on in eduction?”, questioned the campus director. She sat in a dark blue pants suit with eyes fixed on the souls of any employee who entered her office. She sat glaring at the eyes of what seemed to feel like a death before the kill. Davis uttered, “What do you mean Ms. Baker? I have spoke to the instructors and they are working on updating their gradebooks for all of their classes. Per company policy, they should be given at least...” Davis was abruptly cut off. “ Well, I don’t care, all I know is this better be fixed and we shouldn’t see any issues or these teachers can’t work here!” Davis hurriedly stated, “ Yes, Ma’am”. She hurried away down the long corridor to her small office facing the parking lot. As she looked out of the window, she wondered if she did the right thing. Her subdued demeanor never showing that she was utterly terrified of losing her job everyday. Luckily, she was single and had only a fiancé. She felt like if nothing happened she would be able to survive. The question of actually surviving another work day was very real to her. She actually loved working with her adult students and watching them accomplish goals.

Meanwhile, on the administrative side of the building, Ms. Baker was reprimanding another employee for below average weekly numbers. “What is this Mario? Only two enrollments this week? What are you doing all day?” Mario, a fit middle-aged Hispanic male, stood in the doorway of her office apologizing and explaining that he would have more prospects to see him for appointments thi week. His voice shaking as if he were in a blender. “I..I.. cccalled then Ms. Baker and they... they will come” he stuttered nervously. “ Well, they better come or your ass won’t have a job”, she replied sternly staring Mario directly in th eyes as reaffirming the idea that his job would be gone! She turned steadily in her big, black swivel office chair and paged the administrative assistant to get all of her admissions team in her office now. What seemed to be seconds, they immediately went into her office. Six team members sat in chairs around the large wooden desk in her office. Four of the reps had brought their own chairs into the office to sit.

“ I am telling you now, We are going to go down this list of prospects and whoever has not completed most of the enrollment pa key is going to be dropped from this list. I do not want names on a sheet, I want real students. You guys don’t understand that hurts you in the end. Don’t give me a bunch of names if the student is not serious”, Ms Baker barked as if scolding a child who had embarrassed a parent publicly. She then discussed the need to have the correct information on the report. A strong voice began to say, “ The ones on the list for me are coming to finish everything. I already spoke to them. I will have five more this week”. Ms Baker reflected a smile grin as in approval of this information. Mahal stated that, “ But Ms Baker, I don’t have leads or information in Arabic to give to my prospects. When will that be sent to me? I’m just translating for now”. She glared up at the thin, balding Middle Eastern employee and belted in a roar. “You need to get your student in and use your resources. You go out and get students and translate until we get the mailings. You can’t wait around or you won’t meet your numbers. The mailings are coming so quit making excuses”! The employee looked as if he had melted into the chair. “Guys this is what I am talking about. No excuses. We have numbers to meet. Listen I know the marketing is not helping much, but you have to park with what you have. Your referrals are your best bet for prospects.” Some of the new employees were perplexed and wondered how they can survive in this environment if they had not even had time to build relationships with any student yet because they have only been working for a month or o at the college. She dismissed the group after assuring them that they could do this and to be aggressive. They needed to remember that this education would change the students’ lives.

Soon after dismissing the team, she got on the phone with the corporate office. This was the main campus and office of the college’s owner. She started her call explaining the condition of the team and reporting everything they had discussed. She explained that she needed pamphlets for Arabic speaking students and explained that marketing was not working out for the team. She suggested some ideas but the owner on the other line expressed that she needed to work with what she had and the pamphlets would arrive in a couple of weeks. The rep- Mahal- had written the pamphlet by translating the one in English to the Arabic language. The reps were really working to hit their goals.

While on the phone with the owner, she played its her pencil. Could she cruelly be worried or nervous? Hard to believe this strong willed woman was actually fearful. The owner, Dr. JD Parsons who was a medium build older gentleman with blonde hair- which you can tell was dyed- and a condescending tone stated,“ I don’t want to hear bull hit but th truth and th truth is, it looks like half of the students on this report are false. Look at it they haven’t had fa visit or anything. I would be surprised if you pull this off. Let me know why I choose you. Was it a mistake?” He had hung up on that system.The phone silent.

Ms. Baker abruptly hung up and then decided to take a lunch break.

This was only one day of the week. What will tomorrow hold?

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